Canada's $100/Day Jobs Apply now

You may find work in Canada at one of the hundreds of available positions that pay up to $100 per day, regardless of whether or not you have a degree. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in working in Canada, there is an amazing chance for you to check out the specifics of the positions that are listed below.

Canada's $100/Day Jobs Apply now

Fortunately, many jobs in Canada provide salaries of at least $100 daily. Everyone has career possibilities, whether they wish to work as a nurse, doctor, attorney, or in business or finance. The table below lists the top ten Canadian jobs bringing at least $100 daily. There are many career options in Canada, so take your time and review our list to choose the perfect job. Good luck!

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$100/day Salary Jobs in Canada in 2023:

Check out this list of 10 jobs that pay $100 per day or more in Canada.

Air Traffic Controller Jobs in Canada

Air traffic controllers in Canada earn an average of $100 – $120 per day. The job requires the ability to make quick decisions in a high-pressure environment. Because of the nature of the job, air traffic controllers must be able to work shifts, including evenings and weekends.

Air traffic controllers must have a high school diploma or equivalent, pass an exam given by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and have a specialized two- or four-year degree in aviation that helps them qualify for the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test (AT-SAT). You must also have strong English language skills, both written and oral.

Many Canadian companies are willing to pay top dollar for qualified Air Traffic Controllers, such as NAV Canada, Air Canada, and WestJet.

Jobs for Retail Workers in Canada

Retail work is a fantastic alternative if you're looking for a position that pays $100 daily. Retailers employ people to help with stocking inventory, providing customer service, and operating cash registers.

The possibility of flexible hours makes it an excellent alternative if you need to schedule work around your school schedule or other obligations. The best part is getting to know new people and learning about new products.

Many companies pay their retail workers $100 per day. Some of these companies include Walmart, Loblaws, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

So if you’re interested in working in retail, head down to your nearest store and ask for an application; chances are, they’ll be happy to have you on board!

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Carpenters Jobs in Canada

Carpenters in Canada may earn up to $100 per day, depending on their experience level and work type. Carpenters earn up to $200 daily, though some only make $50.

A few requirements must be satisfied to qualify for carpenter positions in Canada. The first prerequisite is having a high school diploma or its equivalent. The second prerequisite is a current Journeyman Carpenter certificate. The third prerequisite is two years of experience as a journeyman carpenter.

Many Canadian companies can pay carpenters $100 per day. Some of these companies include but are not limited to Rona, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and IKEA.

Jobs as a Social Media Evaluator in Canada

Think about getting paid to browse the internet all day! For many individuals, that would be their ideal career, and for social media analysts, it is a reality. You would be in charge of judging the reliability and quality of social media material as a social media assessor. This is a fantastic career for those who are familiar with computers and have a solid grasp of the internet.

Many Canadian companies pay social media evaluators $100 per day. These companies include but are not limited to BrandEQ Agency, Lionbridge, Amazon, and Leapforce.

If you’re interested in this position, you should be able to type quickly and have excellent research skills. You should also be familiar with the latest trends in social media.

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Jobs for Cashiers in Canada

Are you looking for a well-paying position that is easy to land? If yes, you should consider becoming a cashier. As a cashier, you'll be in charge of scanning, bagging items, and handling money. You must also be able to provide excellent client service. The significant part of this employment is how simple it is to obtain. Most grocery businesses are continuously looking to hire.

Many Canadian stores pay their cashiers $100 per day. Some of these companies are Pharmasave, CVS Health, and Walgreen Company. These companies are large employers in Canada and have many locations.

So if you’re looking for a way to make extra money, becoming a cashier is a great option. You can earn around $100 daily, depending on your experience and skills.

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Janitor Jobs in Canada

Imagine having a job where you could make $100 daily cleaning up other people’s messes. Well, that’s the reality for janitors all across Canada.

It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s essential for keeping our workplaces and public spaces clean and tidy. Janitors are responsible for emptying trash cans, sweeping floors, and cleaning bathrooms, ensuring everything is spick and span.

Many Canadian companies pay their janitors $100 per day. These companies include Tim Hortons, Mcdonald’s, and Burger King.

And the best part? You don’t need any special qualifications or training to become a janitor. All you need is a good work ethic and a willingness to get your hands dirty. So if you’re looking for a job that pays well and doesn’t require much experience, this might be the perfect fit.

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Employment as a Customer Service Representative in Canada

Would a career in customer service work well for you? Think again. You can earn $100 per day working as a customer service representative.

What exactly does a customer service agent do? They offer customer support for a business or item. This may entail responding to customer inquiries, resolving grievances, and managing returns.

What's best? The work is typically reasonably flexible, so you won't have to miss a beat by working from home or enrolling in online courses.

Many Canadian companies pay $100/day for Customer Service Representatives. Some of these companies include Costco, Samsung, and Apple.

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Jobs for Freelance Writers in Canada

Writing is a lucrative career. After all, many well-known writers started as unpublished authors. You should be aware that several writing gigs are available that pay $100 to $150 or more daily.

What are the steps involved in becoming a freelance writer? It's simpler than you would think. The best way to start is by expanding your portfolio with great content. As soon as you have a few pieces you are pleased with, start sending your work to magazines, blogs, and other venues.

A few companies pay $100/day or more for Freelance Writers such as UpWork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour.

Remember, the key to success is perseverance. Keep at it; before you know it, you’ll be writing for a living!

FSTP, the Federal Skilled Trades Program

Welders Jobs in Canada

Welders are in high demand all across Canada, and with good reason—they’re responsible for fabricating and repairing metal products. Welding is an excellent option if you’re looking for a job that pays well and doesn’t require a lot of formal education.

And the best part is that welding is a trade that’s always in demand, so you’ll never have to worry about finding work.

Many Canadian companies pay their welders very well. Many Canadian companies pay welders $100 per day. Some companies that pay their welders $100/day include Canadian National Railway, PCL Constructors Canada Inc, Welding Ltd, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc, and many more.

Jobs for Website Testers in Canada

Consider working as a website tester if you're looking for a quick, lucrative job. You will be in charge of checking websites for errors and reporting them as a website tester. Someone with a keen sense of detail and exceptional problem-solving abilities would excel in this position.

The best thing about website testing is that it's a freelance job that lets you work from home or any other location. You can also fit work into your schedule thanks to the flexible hours.

Many Canadian businesses invest $100 per day in website evaluation. Web and application testing jobs are available on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, PQA Testing, and what users.

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