Applying for Canada Work Visas & Permits

Canada Work Visas & Permits are intended to make it simpler for those who wish to visit or work in Canada but do not qualify for existing visa programs to come here lawfully. Here are some of the most common work visas and permits that may be sought in Canada, along with the information you need to know before applying.

Applying for Canada Work Visas & Permits

Canada Work Visas & Permits let foreign nationals work temporarily or permanently in Canada, depending on the type of visa applied for. Temporary work visas are awarded for employment lengths of up to three years. In contrast, permanent work visas are issued to skilled employees and their families who want to remain in Canada permanently. This page explains how to apply for Canada Work Visas & Permits, whether working full-time or part-time or studying as an international student in Canada.

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What are Canada Work Visas & Permits

Canada work visas and work permits are crucial components of the immigration process. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issues a Canada work visa to allow foreign nationals to gain employment in Canada. Obtaining a Canadian work visa requires a valid Canadian work permit. The qualifications vary based on the type of position. Still, the majority demand that you have at least one year of professional experience within the past three years, speak English or French and fulfill particular financial conditions. For instance, if you are trying to move to Canada as a skilled worker, you need a valid passport from your home country. However, you may require additional documents if you desire permanent residency in Canada. You require the following:
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issues a Canada work visa to allow foreign nationals to gain employment in Canada. Obtaining a Canadian work visa requires a valid Canadian work permit.

Types of Work Visas in Canada

Most of those who wish to reside and work in Canada must possess a work permit and employment visa. There are two significant work permits in Canada: open work permits and employer-specific work permits. The country's Immigration Office offers work permits to any immigrant who wants to work for a certain period for an employer. Employer-specific licenses allow individuals to work for a single employer in a particular place.

The Canadian government will give temporary, permanent, and corporate workers work permits. Eligibility varies depending on the type of worker and the requisite work permit. For instance, Canada has free trade agreements with the United States and Mexico. A work permit may not be required if your employees fall under these categories.

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Gather the required documents

All applicants must submit the following documents:
-A completed application form. You can apply online or print one out from the website. If you print one out, fill it in and sign it by hand. -Proof of education, such as a degree certificate or diploma.
-Proof of employment verification letter (if applicable).
-Certificate of language proficiency if not English-speaking country (if applicable). -The requested amount of money to pay the processing fees. The fee varies depending on which type of work permit you are applying for.
-Two passport photos with your name written on the back in a pen or marker.

Requirements to Obtain Canada Work Visas

The majority of your staff members will initially apply for temporary work permits. They could be qualified for a permanent work visa using the online Express Entry procedure after one or more years. Federal skilled worker, skilled federal trades, and Canadian experience class are the three immigration categories for skilled workers that fall within the permanent work visa category. Each has different criteria. However, the following is usually required for all Express Entry applications:
  • Passport or travel document
  • Education credential assessment report
  • Language test results
  • Written job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Provincial nomination (if the employee has one)
  • Police certificate
  • Medical exam
  • Proof of funds
The Comprehensive Ranking System is the point system used by the Federal Skilled Worker Program (CRS). Points are awarded to employees based on their proficiency in English or French, education, work history, age, adaptability, and planned employment. To be eligible, you must score at least 67 out of 100.

Choose the correct visa.

You can use two different kinds of tickets if you have a job offer in Canada and want to apply for a work visa. The National Occupational Classification lists the employer as Skill Type 0 (Management Occupations) or Skill Level A or B. (Professional Occupations). If that's the case, they can usually fill out an application for their employees. Once the company has applied for this visa, they must also file a LICO form, an employer declaration form to hire people from other countries. If your potential Canadian employer fits into either of these groups but doesn't want to fill out the paperwork, they are not required to. In that case, you can also apply through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). But if your potential Canadian employer doesn't fit into either of these groups, they might not be able to help you get a work visa.

Application Process

The basic steps to applying for a temporary Canadian work permit include:

  • Applying for labor market opinion: Before applying for a temporary work visa, employers need to qualify for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as an LMO. You must complete this step for the employee.
  • Obtaining a temporary job offer: Employers must send a copy of the positive LMIA to the candidate with a detailed job offer letter. The letter is a formal employment contract with important information such as job title, description, salary, and more.
  • Applying for a work permit: Candidates can apply for a Canadian temporary work permit after obtaining the job offer letter and positive LMIA. This may include meeting with a visa officer who will determine if the employment adversely affects jobs for Canadians. If the person qualifies for the position, they will get a Canadian work permit.
  • Obtaining a work permit: Individuals may be eligible for permanent residence based on their job classification and language proficiency after working in Canada under a temporary work permit.

How To Apply For USA Work Visa

Submit an online application

The first step for those interested in moving to Canada is applying for Canada work visas and permits. To do this, please find out if you can use it. For example, suppose you're not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Before applying, you'll need a work permit and a temporary resident visa issued by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). The appropriate Canada work visas and permits application package will depend on your eligibility. IRCC provides Canada work visa application packages online, but they are only available in English. If you require translation assistance, please get in touch with IRCC directly to request an exception under their Language Policy Exemption Policy Guidelines.

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Attend an interview (if required)

The interview process will vary depending on the type of work visa and permit you are applying for. This can range from a simple online application to an in-person meeting with immigration officials. Be prepared to answer questions about your education, work experience, and why you would like to live in Canada. Bring all the documents supporting your answers to these questions, and ensure that you have filled out all sections of the application form carefully. Remember, this is not just an opportunity for Canada but also for you, so make sure you want it before going through the whole process!

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Get your fingerprints and photo taken (if required)

Getting your fingerprints and photo taken is the first step in applying for a Canada work visa. Fingerprints and photographs are required when you use them to ensure that they are consistent with those on file. You will need to provide two (2) identical, unmounted pictures of yourself, approximately 1 x 1. One image should be against a white or off-white background with your whole face visible and without headgear or dark glasses. The other should show your shoulders up with a plain, light-colored background. Please bring identification such as a license or passport from any country you have ever lived in; if not, an ID card or birth certificate will also be enough. Canada immigration officers may also ask you about what kind of work experience and skills you have and why you would like to move to Canada.

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Wait for a decision

Many people want to move to Canada, but getting a work visa and permit can be complicated. You should find out if you qualify. To do this, we recommend you speak with an immigration lawyer in your area who specializes in Canada's work visas and permits. They can help walk you through the application process, which includes gathering documents and completing forms. Applying for Canada work visas and keys may seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be! It's best to contact an immigration lawyer from your area who specializes in Canadian work visas and permits. They will ensure you have all the necessary documentation before applying and guide you through any questions or concerns.

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Could you get your travel documents?

It's essential to have the correct travel documents before traveling to Canada. In addition to a passport, you'll need a Canadian work visa or permit.
What is a Canadian work visa? A Canadian work visa grants someone permission to enter Canada temporarily.
What is a Canadian work permit? A Canadian work permit grants someone permission to live and work in Canada permanently or temporarily. There are different work permits, so you must know which one you qualify for. To apply for a Canada work visa or Canada work permit, visit Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Other Vital Considerations

Some employees may wish to bring family members to Canada. If the employee is a new immigrant to Canada, their spouse and dependent children can frequently be included in a work visa application. Other family members, such as grandparents, must be sponsored to become Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If an employee uses the Express Entry program, family members might be connected to the rest of the country.

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Final Thought 

Canada is one of the best places to live and one of the most accessible places to move to. Before you can apply for a work visa or permit, you'll need to take a few steps, but don't let that scare you! You can use it immediately to see if Canada is where you want to live. Canada has excellent health care and education that doesn't cost much. You have to decide if you want to move to Canada, but it might be a good choice!