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5 Smartphones And Tablets With The Worst Names Ever!

Fine Phone that does not have fine name, is that one Fine Phone?

Probably not!

Despite the fact that, phone manufacturers spend a lot of time trying to come up with names for their product, not just any name but cool names that will win us on the first pronunciation; no one would love to buy a phone that gives him a head ache each time he tries remembering its name or what it is called. 

Just like the New Infinix Note 4 which is called Infinix X572

  • Infinix Hot S which is called Infinix X521
  • Infinix Note 3 which is called Infinix X601

The X blah blah blah.. is actually the product name but almost no one uses them. I think we’re okay calling the devices what we know it as.

It’s hard remembering names like GT-p3113 and M3420e. I guess you won’t bother yourself buying a phone with such a name as its only name. Some of these product names started badly and now they seem even worse.

Check out my 5 ironically loved smartphone and tablet names.

1.  Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Immediately you heard this name, what first came to your mind? For me, I think before this phone was made, here was the conversation in the board meeting.

“We have to create a new and exciting name for our product, any ideas?”

“Yeah, Transformers are really exciting”

“That’s great, but we have to make it bigger”

There you have it,  am definitely sure that’s how this name came about.

2.  The New iPad

There was a battle in the heavens when this name was given, the company acted as if that would be the only ‘new iPad’ they would make. Apple committed one of the greatest crime to search engine and even common sense. If you try do a search for the new iPad, you might get results for the 2012 models and think that is the most recent iPad.

3.  E FUN Nextbook 8 (2014)

4.  Alcatel OneTouch POP STAR

This phone is worst on every level you see it. The name makes it sound like a popstar who got bankrupt.

5.  Ainovo Novo7 Swordman

This name sounds like a scam, when a consumer go and buy a phone, he might think this phone is a Lenovo product, because of the “novo”. Only God knows what the swordman means, by the way, what is it even doing there?

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