The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for International Workers

Despite the abundance of natural resources and employment opportunities in Canada, the labor market for foreign employees is still tricky. The federal government has put harsher regulations to stop foreigners from stealing Canadian employment. As a result, many hospitality and food service employees search for work overseas. The top 10 occupations in Canada with the most significant salaries for foreign employees will be covered in this article. We'll also discuss the difficulties and benefits of working overseas.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for International Workers

While there are still many options for people seeking a fulfilling career, the employment market in Canada is typically solid. The list of well-paying employment in Canada only includes a small portion of the professions open to foreign employees. Many well-paying careers may be obtained with little to no experience and education. If you prefer to push yourself, consider looking for a job that demands international expertise. For foreign employees, these are the highest-paying positions in Canada.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job in Canada

There are four basic steps to getting a temporary Canadian Work Visa:
  1. Employer applies for labor market opinion (if necessary)
  2. Employer extends a temporary job offer to foreign workers.
  3. Foreign skilled worker applies for a work permit.
  4. Work permit is issued.

List of the top highest paying jobs in Canada for international workers 

Here we are going to explain the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada. let's go

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With an average compensation of $111,958, accountants in Canada are paid well. This is because many well-paying positions demand experience. Tax accounting and corporate accounting are two fields that are in high demand. Specialties, including general and commercial accounting, financial accounting, actuarial science, and taxes, are in great need. You'll be able to match your tastes and experience with an accounting position.


Physicists earn a good salary in Canada, with the average salary being $107,895. Besides being a high-paying job, physics has plenty of specialisms in high demand, including astrophysics and meteorology. You'd be hard-pressed to find a physicist job that doesn't involve research and development. Several jobs also require a Ph.D., a higher-paying specialty.


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Canada’s economists make a good salary, with the average salary being $93,895. This is because several high-paying jobs require a Ph.D., and economists are the ones who usually earn that. A Ph.D. is a highly sought-after degree in economics, and you'll probably enjoy working in a lab or analyzing data.

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Designers earn a good salary in Canada, with the average salary being $85,890. Several high-paying specialisms are in high demand, including product design, human Resources design, and land use design. Working as a designer is a dream job for many because you get to create something unique and engaging.

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Research Scientist

The salary of the researchers reaches a high point, with the average salary being $102,895. Since several high-paying jobs in Canada require a Ph.D., a Research Scientist is right in the middle. You'll need a Ph.D. to get these jobs, but they are still very high paying.

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Computer Programmer

The average income for computer programmers in Canada is $96,895; this is an excellent salary. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing are high-demand, high-paying specialties. You must be familiar with utilizing computers, the internet, and a little programming. Could you do your homework because certain positions demand a lot of experience?

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Advertising Agent

Advertising Agencies are popular with international workers, and the salaries are good for them, too. The average salary for advertising agents is $93,200, which is reasonable for a profession that requires experience. Areas of high demand include digital marketing, influencer marketing, and print advertising.

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Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators earn an average salary of $84,900. This is reasonable for a job requiring a minimum of experience – especially when most marketing jobs don't need a bachelor's degree. Areas of high demand include digital, outdoor, and traditional print marketing.

Human Resources Director

The average pay for HR directors in Canada is a respectable $83,100. This is reasonable for a position that often calls for a bachelor's degree, and there is a strong likelihood that you will need one to get one of these positions. General management, human resource management, and organizational development are in great demand.

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