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Sometime August, Glo took a drive to host a whole day of Free browsing across the nation. But unfortunately, for some reasons, NCC came along and scrapped the whole stuff.


Well, now it's official. The Glo free data day offer has been set to hold September, 2017.

Aside the set back in Glo's network in different areas in Nigeria (which is already a big flaw), there are more reasons why you shouldn't get your hopes too high on this day of "free browsing"

Here's What You Should Not Expect

  • You cannot share your Free Data Day bonus
  • You cannot gift out your Free Data Day bonus
  • You cannot use your Free Data Bonus on a latter date.
  • You can't migrate to another tariff plan and still have your free data bonus available. 
  • Glo plans on employing a fair usage policy so; browsing won't be unlimited

How Do You Quality For The Glo Free Data Day?

The beautiful thing about the Glo Free Data day is that there is NO Opt In or subscription code.

For you to enjoy Free Data on 28th September 2018, ensure you do any of the following in the 7 days preceding the announced Free data Day

  • Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data OR 
  • Use N250 or more on voice calls.
Once you do any of these, you will receive an SMS confirming your eligibility for the free data day.

You shouldn't bother setting a reminder because Glo promises to send SMS reminders of the Free Data Day.


How do You check Your Free Data Day balance?

To check your Free Data Day balance, Dial #122# (if you do not have an existing data plan). But if you have an existing data plan, dial *170*0# 

Have any question or thought, kindly leave them in the comments.



From Day 1 , I was never freaked about this whole shinanigan glo put together as free data day , Why? I cant even use 2G network for data connection.

so when i get the data how do i use it , instead of signing new ambassadors and useless promo everytime they should try and improve their network jare


Well, Glo network is super fast in my area but 200MB is far too small for a whole day. So I really don't have much interest in this so called Free data day.


Nice motive again form them, but no freaking and buzzing about the whole thing though perhaps due to their poor network. For me, I see GlO network more as these Turban wearing oil men, no interest at the reactions from effect of their services. Well, i will give a try though, what am I - A Nigerian NAH!!1


A friend once told me - "Fear network providers! In fact, never trust them. They'll give you goodies with the right hand but with their left hands its sorrows. "

And that's why I feel concerned when I stumble on complaints by folks of how Glo network behaves horribly in their location.4

Maybe cos Glo network has been averagely okay in my area I don't really know how it feels to watch a webpage load like a Windows Update.

Aside other reason, because we're Nigerians, let's enjoy this limited offer.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


It's quite unfortunate thought...

Over here in Warri, Glo kinda has good network and sometimes we download at 3MB per second.

But there are times when we can't stand the loading bar turning and turning so we just drink coffee or Garri while we wait.. heheh (we do this when we can't find popcorn)

instead of signing new ambassadors and useless promo everytime they should try and improve their network jare"

I so much agree with that

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