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Samsung Fire Incident

Funny enough a number of those who refuse healthy advice and claim to be healthy are the unsafe ones. Yeah!

Half of them do things simply because they just feel like doing it while the other half don't just like being told what to do - even when you tell them "Johnny that's a hazard, put it away"

We all know that Samsung has officially stopped manufacturing the Galaxy Note 7 and has equally asked all buyers to switch off theirs and send them back.

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It's been more than two weeks since the company made the public announcement, yet the number of people using the Note 7 keeping growing.

Precisely 2 weeks ago, the numbers of users increased by 10% compared to when the cancellation was announced. If you take a look at this stat above, you will observe that just after the the first recall, usage of the device dropped almost instantly and later gained momentum as the replacement began.

Aside the few down slopes, the graph shows an increase even after the first report broke out saying that the replaced units have the same ability of going ablaze.

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You shouldn't forget the incident of a Note 7 (precisely a replaced unit) that started smoking in an airplane. Thank goodness the plane got to the ground on time.

According to Samsung, they sold 2.5 million copies of the Note 7. However, looking at the chart carefully you will note that a LOT of people are still using the Note7

If you're still using a Note 7, here is a gospel truth for you;

Samsung offering financial incentives to Galaxy Note7 buyers - so trade your Note7 NOW!


There is no warranty attached to this phone, no customer support and the worst!

This phone will never ever get a new software update.

Hence you have nothing to lose by trading it.

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