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₦20 and ₦50 recharge cards have been released into Nigeria telecommunication market by OneCard Nigeria. The company has introduced these affordable recharge cards to all mobile networks; MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

Cheap recharge card

At first, when I heard about this recharge cards, I was like "What the Hell!," but after a second, though, I was convinced that this could actually be of help to some category of individuals. For example, someone who wants to send a text message which cost 4 Naira; if probably he runs out of cash and has a minimum of 50 Naira in his pocket. There is no limitation to this and there is definitely nothing stopping him from sending that text message.

In line with this, a Nairalander said:

When you need 20 Naira to complete your 5000naira data plan, especially when they deduct 4 naira for one old unsent SMS ,you'll understand

Well, that's true because I've been a victim of such deductions. We spoke to a couple of Nigerians and a few number of them showed dissatisfaction. With the current economic situation in Nigeria, they were rather anticipating low data rates.

I just called my favourite recharge card vendor, requesting he sends me some of the OneCard recharge cards, but unfortunately, he hasn't laid his hands on them. Hoping to load my very first 20 Naira recharges card soonest.

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