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Wikipedia Official App Updated With New Features

The significance of the Wikipedia is not what one can express in a little paragraph; based on Alexa Internet, the Wikipedia website is the world’s 7th most popular website as measured by total visitors traffic.
More than half a million people read the website monthly and across the world, the page visitor in the month of August 2015 was eighteen billion. Although there have been some restrictions placed, the very same audience who read articles also contribute to the site.

Wikipedia was initially designed for a full desktop class browser but within the years, a mobile version was built and now there is even a mobile application. The mobile app has always been improved and has now been updated with new and improved functionality.

According the the developer,
it has “fixed a metric ton of bugs and crashes.” It is really nice to see the reliability of mobile applications improving with updated versions.
Talking about these new features, one is saved for devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is that when highlighting a word, a “Search Wikipedia” option has been updated in the app and also with the copy, cut and paste menu. 
There are 3 other updates which include the addition of the “Nearby” option found in the navigation menu, which pops up an interactive map that shows Wikipedia articles on objects and places close to you. This map can be scrolled so that users can locate articles for a place he or she may want to visit at some point in the future. 
A link preview design has also been updated by the app developers and have also implemented a change whereby when deleting the browsing history, open tabs will be cleared.

The update is on the Google Play Store, you should have already received the download notification if you are a user. You can update the app through the Play Store, or if not just wait for your update notification to arrive.

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