How to Teach in Canada: Tips and Advice for Teachers

In Canada, teaching is a great job with vibrant, satisfying employment. However, you should study as much as you can about the nation that will be home to your future classroom before you start looking for teaching employment. You will learn all the ins and outs of teaching in a foreign country from application to final grade check in How To Teach In Canada. Learn more by reading on!

How to Teach in Canada: Tips and Advice for Teachers

In Canada, becoming a teacher may be a fulfilling career with many prospects. But not everyone can use it. Being a teacher in Canada is a high-end job that calls for extensive preparation and certifications. Years of undergraduate or graduate studies are necessary to become a teacher. It's tricky since there is a lot of job competition and frequently reported teacher shortages. Please apply now if you're serious about teaching in Canada and would like to work with ESL students. The need for instructors is always great, but if you want to get into teaching in Canada, this article will help you get started.

Regardless of the nation, you try to enter, migration may be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting. Some applicants for citizenship may have a shorter waiting period than others, depending on their overall reason. Federal skilled workers (FSW) are more valuable to a nation and, as a result, are given more priority, particularly in recession-proof areas. For additional information, please visit the Canadian IELTS / Entry Program. For instance, the need for physicians, dentists, and educators will never end. If you're a teacher looking to come to Canada, that's fantastic news.

The operation of local school systems and the formulation of rules governing teaching positions across Canada are the responsibilities of provincial and territorial governments. Despite minor regional variations, the laws are generally the same throughout the nation.

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What is the job market like for teachers in Canada?

Visit the CPD's careers area for the most recent lists of available positions in all provinces, territories, and districts. Consult your neighborhood chambers of commerce or online employment sites for current listings. In Canada, the teaching profession is incredibly trustworthy and steady. There is a massive shortage of instructors and little demand. In 2011, the average teacher's pay in Canada was $74,300. A select few professions are both in high demand and short supply. Teaching can be a suitable fit for you if you're prepared to put in a lot of overtime and are happy to take a lesser compensation than other professions.

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How to Become a Teacher in Canada

To become a teacher in Canada, you must first apply for a teaching credential from the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF). After completing the required courses, the CTF awards a certification suitable for five years. Then you can apply for a permanent teaching job with the government. You can utilize several various sorts of certificates. The NCT, or National Council for the Certification of Teachers, has a five-year expiration date. The Canadian Education Agency (CEA), which is appropriate for five years, is another option. Another option is introducing a session, which is frequently brief and introduces the procedure. There are several training programs available from the CTF and other organizations. 

How to Teach in Canada

The teacher employment market is quite competitive. If you want to become a teacher in Canada, you must be prepared to work a lot of overtime and accept lower pay than in other professions. Having an English as a Second Language preparation certification (ESL) will be ideal. You should take the practical exam and be ready for a complex examination if you want a certificate. The North American Indigenous Languages Proficiency Examination (NAIJPEx) and the Canadian Content Assessment are the two tests required for accreditation (CCA). Before you begin teaching in Canada, you should take the NAIJPEx since it is necessary for certification. As a teacher in Canada, you have various learning specialties to select from. 

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Selection Factors for FSW and Approval to Teach in Canada (NOC 4031/41220 and 4032/41221)

  • Highest level of education completed; higher than high school diploma preferred
  • Work experience shows at least one full year of employment that falls into one of the following occupational categories: managerial, professional, or technical/skilled
  • Fluent in French or English (both spoken in Canada)
  • Current age
  • Overall adaptability (usually tested through an assessment quiz)
  • The current state of employment (or offer)

For teaching positions in Canada, a bachelor's degree in education and a provincial certificate are necessary. If feasible, you can begin the certification procedure before arriving in Canada since it can be extended.

Other factors are considered to assess eligibility for teaching jobs in Canada. For instance, the applicant may need the following:

  • Recent teaching experience.
  • Familiarity with the culture and curriculum of the Canadian education system
  • Fitness to teach, including character reference and successful criminal record checks.

Supervised student teaching may also be required. For secondary teaching jobs in Canada, one must complete a major in one teachable subject and a minor in another. These include languages, sciences, social studies, and business.

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Tips for Teaching in Canada

If you want to succeed as a teacher in Canada, there are a few things that you must master. Meet the wage requirements: If you wish to reside in Canada, you must be able to support yourself. The idea is to pay that is within the budget. Applying for jobs following your degree and experience is crucial since doing so will make you stand out from other candidates. Invest in your career: Spending a little money now will result in more savings. Quality career development and adult would be best if you handle it in terms of cost. You should have a schedule in place: This might include discussing your work hours with your employer or developing a strategy for finding work-life balance.

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Teaching in Canada Requirements for Foreign Teachers

To immigrate to Canada as a teacher, you must get several essential documents, notably those about your credentials.

  1. Qualified Degree, Diploma, or Certificate: If you hold a foreign credential, you must first determine whether it is recognized in Canada. If your degree, diploma, or certificate is identified, you may need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certifying that it is legitimate and meets Canadian criteria.
  2. Provincial Teaching Certificate: You’ll also need a provincial teaching certificate and a license, which you’ll get by joining a teacher’s association in your selected province or territory.
  3. Issue date of a police background clearance certificate (Enhanced Disclosure Scotland, DBS) is less than six months.
  4. Canada’s immigration service issues work visas and, if necessary, residence permits.
  5. For the province of Quebec, fluency in English or French is required.
  6. 2 positive references from current or previous employment in the field of education

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Are Teachers Skilled Workers?

Are educators skilled professionals? Some people have asked this question. That is accurate, too. A candidate for permanent residence who satisfies the standards for education, work experience, age, and language competency in one of Canada's official languages as established by the Express Entry Immigration system is, by definition, a Federal Skilled Worker.

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Teachers' Express Entry

If you want to teach in Canada and move there, Express Entry is a great way to do it. The Skilled Worker Stream, which the federal government runs through Express Entry, is one of the most popular ways for teachers to move to Canada.

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Cost of Living Proof

Canada doesn't usually let people sleep on the streets, so they will want to know how you plan to start your life once you cross the border. Any people who depend on you will also be taken into account.

If you have too much money and can't prove it, or if you need more money to support your family for more than a month, your application will likely be turned down.

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Automatic Dismissal

Certain applicants will most likely be denied immediately. Please make sure none of these discrepancies get in your way before moving forward.

  • Possession of a human/international rights violation
  • A criminal history
  • DUI convictions, whether because of alcohol or drugs, will most likely get you turned down
  • Ties or past links to organized crime
  • Showing certain incredibly contagious health conditions
  • Lack of proof of, or not enough financial security
  • Discrepancies in your applications
  • Anyone not complying with Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, or IRPA
  • Anyone found to be concerning an inadmissible person

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Working Online as a Teacher in Canada

Because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak and the improvement in technology, it is now possible to teach online in Canada.

You can work from the comfort of your home or office when you teach online. Some jobs let you set your hours and pay more as you do well.

Remember that to qualify; you still need to have the same qualifications and teaching experience as a teacher who works in Canadian schools regularly,y.

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Canadian teaching positions

Several teaching positions are available for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. Fortunately, Canada values educators, making it more straightforward for educators to relocate there to teach. Before applying to go to Canada, look into teaching employment online.

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Resources for Teacher Jobs in Canada

If you are trying to search for a site to apply to become a teacher in Canada, here are some of the most used places to visit:

Here are some online job databases:


In Canada, teaching is a rewarding job with a lot of options. But not everyone can do it. To become a teacher, you must study for a long time, either as an undergrad or a graduate. It's also hard because the job market is very competitive, and there often needs to be more teachers. If you want to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in Canada and are serious about it, apply today. The need for teachers is always high, but if you want to teach in Canada, this article will help you get started.