Kuwait Visa Approval Guide

Is Kuwait issuing work visas now? Rights group says 253,000 migrant workers left the country from June 2020 to June 2021. Kuwait's Public Authority of Manpower announced on Monday that the country will resume issuing work visas through its “Ashal” portal. How long does Kuwait visa take to process? approximately 2 working days It takes approximately 2 working days to obtain a Kuwait visit visa. Hotels can arrange visit visas for business and it takes around 7 days. Is Kuwait visa open for Indian now? Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visit to visit Kuwait. Indians are eligible for an eVisa. The electronic visa system (eVisa) will allow foreign citizens to receive Kuwait visa online, relieving them from necessity of applying for the visa at the Embassy. Is your Kuwait visa stamped on your passport? This visa is stamped inside the individual's passport; this procedure is named Kuwait visa stamping. Kuwait visa stamping is required for individuals to get allowed to

Kuwait Visa Approval Guide

Discover a must have requirements for Kuwait visa application. How a certain requirements have denied some people lost a great opportunity and how you can fix it before your visa application begins. Kuwait is one of the country who hardly issue visa nowadays.

In this guide everything you need have been well covered  to enable you get your visa approved upon submission kindly read up to discover the main Kuwait visa requirements that enable you get your visa approved

What is visa?:

Yea, it may sound funny ,but it is not. This same question was thrown to someone on  US visa interview who applied and has been granted US visa for a work in US and the applicant was unable to define what visa is and immediately he was denied.

So in life, this little can count big, so be careful. Visa can be defined as a permit to enter and leave a country, normally issued by the authorities of the country to be visited.

Visa application in Kuwait seems to be a hard knock to crack by some many people who submit applications today but the question is why this constraints, what is that the few who succeed always do right that others don't know.

So in this guide, we will be looking at the courses of those things and how you can navigate it and have your application granted even if its your first attempt and you don't even know anything about visa application hurdles even as it regards the country Kuwait.


So therefore, we will be taking those issues that creates those hindrances to the applicants request being denied even after spending much money explained here so you will be have the edge to success .These and many more is what we will be discussing in this guide so that you can be among the successful ones whose application will be granted.

Read on and discover the steps that will lead to success in any visa type you are applying for.

Types Of Visa:

Visa application depends on the purpose an individual is visiting the country in question and that is why the government of the countries in the 197 countries of the world has categorized visa into different types.

An applicant is granted a visa approval to visit the country depending on the ability to meet the requirement of the embassy.   A lot of things is involved in visa application before it is been approved.

Each type has the requirement which embassy or the labor ministry of the country must met before it's issuance. What is required in the business visa is not what is required in work visa.

The visa types include the following;

  • Permanent residence visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa
  • Work permit visa
  • Business permit visa
  • Visitors visa

Permanent Residence Visa:

This is the type of visa that authority of the country to be relocated to issues to the person(s) under certain conditions which we will seen under eligibility to leave permanently in the country.    That is to say the country grants an individual a full time citizenship to their country.

In this case the individual no longer need visa application to go out and come in to the country at will. Here the person will no longer entertain any visa issuance delays and time wasting and will have free transit between his own home and the country currently country of residence.

This is the number dream of anyone who is a fan running from one country to the other. Because there is ease movement in and out of the country.


The applicant must be above a certain age limit depending on the country before submitting an application.
The authority of the country require the applicant(s) to free of crime charges in their home and of course you know that in this case grace of God is what guarantee its issuance at times.

The applicant must present to the authority a current statement of account with available cash $200,000 at least.
The applicant's application in some cases be fastened where the applicant has been on a diplomatic mission, example ambassadors or other governmental assignment and have earned the country trust and credibility.
Marrying to the country national is also a means by which some country grants this type of visa to an applicant.

Applicant must present medical certificate certify the individual healthy and sound to move to the country
Investing in the real estate of the said the country can added advantage whereby the applicant is been granted approval on this type of visa application.

Endorsement from the appropriate bodies of the applicant's own government is a necessity in this type of visa starting from applicant traditional ruler.

Applicant must present his or her job offer letter as directed by the authority upon submitting of his or her online application as issued by the company.

Application duration of this type visa is minimum of 3 years and maximum of 5 years depending on the country.
Upon having all or as required by the authority of the country, the applicant is invited for interrogation before the interview. Having met all the requirement the applicant is a permanent visa to the country and he or she completes his or her relocation arrangement and head for the country.

These and many more are what could be required by the country authority in charge of issuing this visa, those interested in this category of visa should endeavor to visit the website of the country he/she intend to relocate to for more details.

Tourist Visa:

This the type of visa issued to those who wish to visit the country on a tourist attraction purposes. This type of visa can is the type that is easily granted to the applicant because it adds to the revenue of the government. And The applicant has the access to tour the country till the expiration of their duration.

Depending on country, some country usually the applicant 3 months stay in the currently while some can grant longer duration but none gives up to 1 year.


To apply for this kind of visa, applicant must note the following;

  • Must have an international passport.
  • The applicant must not be a minor that is to say that the applicant must be above 18 years of age.
  • The person must mandatorily pay for both the going and return ticket all at once as stated in the visa.
  • Applicant must be present medical certificate certifying the applicant heathy.

Applicant must present the statement of accounts this is to make is able to cope with the leaving standard in the country while on tour.

If granted this visa applicant must overstay the period stated in the visa to avoid arrest by country police issues.
Also, the person isn't allowed to engage in any work, business unless otherwise stated.

Business Visa:

This is the type of visa that is been issued to business individuals such as importers who want to travel and import goods from another country. This type of visa issued based on terms and conditions to the applicant that he must carry out illegal business deals in the country.

It is mandatory for the applicant to present the letter and signed the company CEO that he wish to do business with on arrival. In absence of this, the individual is excepted to describe the intending business he or she is going to do in the country.


  • He/she must have an international passport.
  • The person must present his statement of account if required by the embassy
  • The applicant must have an insurance coverage.
  • Applicant must present medical certificate to the authority
  • The applicant must be free of crime related charges.

Student Visa:

This is the type of visa issued to individuals in this case international students who has been awarded a scholarship who wish to go and study in oversea.   This type of visa usually is been processed and issued by the university or the institution the individual wish to go and study. That is to say it is not in the hand of the student to apply for this type of visa.

It is in the authority of the the institution who offers the applicant scholarship award applies and secures this type of visa for the applicant. The type usually last for minimum of 4 years and can be extended on condition that student is unable to complete the studies in the said duration by the school authority. This type of visa is been applied for prior to the securing approval of the scholarship award by the university personnel.


The applicant must have international passport before this type of visa is been applied.
There must be an application showing that they individual is going for scholarship purpose in the country before the consulate or the embassy is grant this type of visa .

The student must be 18 years of age and above before applying for this type of visa.
Student must have a good grades from high school before this type of application is been applied for.
A note of recommendation from the applicant's head of high school, Rev. Fr. Father, Iman etc.

The applicant must show that he or she have the financial muscle to carry his or her expense in the the country.
The applicant must not be a smoker or other hard drug addict.

Medical certificate showing fitness status of the applicant must be present upon submission of the application for this type of visa.

Minimum duration of this type of visa is usually 4 years though it can be extended on conditions explained by the school the applicant is undergoing his or her study.

Work Permit Visa:

This is the type of visa that is usually been applied, secured and issued to an individual who applied for a work in another country.
Usually the applicant goes online or via any other media source, finds a an ongoing job vacancy in another country and applies for the work. If by grace the the applicant is been considered for the post he or she applied for, then it is now the duty of the company or firm to take up that application with approval the job offer letter which has been issued by themselves to the applicant to the labor ministry in that country and get an approval from the ministry of labor before proceeding to the embassy to submit a visa request.

The embassy then look at the written note from the ministry of labor and therefore goes ahead and processed that individual visa application request as submitted by the company.

Upon the embassy final conclusion of the application, a call, mail or text message is been sent to the company that their application is ready for collection.

The embassy then go and collected and collect the visa and therefore deliver it via express courier via the country post office to the applicant own country. Example from Spain to United Kingdom.


  • Employee must have a valid international passport.
  • The applicant must submit a genuine information to the company application portal.
  • He/she must state from where he heard the work news from.
  • Employee must apply before the deadline for the job as late submission of application can be a reason the application request is been declined.
  • The employee must not be a smoker or an addict of any hard drug.

Visitors Visa:

This is the type of visa that is been issued to an individual or persons who wish to visit a particular country for a very short term purpose such as medical check-up, vacation or a visit to their family, loved ones etc. in oversea.
Example if Mr. Clifford from UK decided to go a vacation to Kuwait, he will apply for a visitor visa.

Another case if a couple from Netherland decided to visit their child who is on scholarship in Kuwait, these category of persons can secure their visit to the country on criteria that they are spending up one month in the country upon their arrival will.


  • The person(s) must have a valid international passport.
  • He/she must present to the embassy letter of invitation, a medical check-up invite etc
  • Statement of account of the person(s) is a necessity to securing this type of visa

Eligibility/Requirement For Securing Kuwait Visa:

Depending on the type of visa the person is applying for it is worthy of note that the person must take note of the following the requirements which is outlined below.

  • The person must a valid international passport
  • Kuwait is a Muslim country and therefore are strict in their rules, so in must of their visa type approval, the individual must not have anything to do with hard drug.
  • Necessary document for travel is a must have by the individual.

Kuwait has the highest by valuation in the in the world and that is why the individual statement of account is required in some visa types, so individual co-operation is a necessity to have visa approval. Applicant must in anyway submit any wrong information, the offence is punishable by jail.

Countries that require visa to visit them:

Among the 197 countries of the world, Visa is a permit which serve the means by which an individual is allowed entry. But it is worthy to note that it is not all the countries that requires visa to enter them. That is why you need have a look in the countries that require visa to enter and exit.

Country by country have what is called bilateral agreement. This agreement entails the common values shared among the parties involved. It is upon this agreement that trade ,investment, peace accord etc. and other top global issue of interest is been established.

That is to say that it is easier for a country to receive an aid when there is already bilateral established among the two. This is usually signed by the both government officials and it is under this criteria that decide whether to issue a visa or grant free entry to and from their country.

  1. All European member countries example Spain, Germany, France etc. require visa from all other countries except European member state of the world including UK to come in.
  2. All Gulf countries; Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Quarter  etc require visa from all other countries of the world to come in.
  3. All North America countries; US, Canada, Mexico etc require visa from all other countries of the world to come in
  4. All South America countries; Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc require visa from other countries of world to come in.
  5. All West African countries; Nigeria ,Niger, Ghana, Togo etc require visa from other countries except west Africa member states to come in.
  6. All Asian countries; Japan, Indonesia, China, India, Thailand,  Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia etc all require visa from other countries of the world to come in.
  7. All North Africa countries; Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia  etc need visa from other countries of the world to come in.
  8. All East African countries;Kenya,Mauritius,Madagascar,Burundi,Comoros,Ethiopia,Djibouti etc all require visa from others to come in.
  9. South Africa is the country in the southern part require from all the other except those in exemption .example New Zealand.

Countries that do not require visa to visit them:

Some countries have recently decided to allow citizens from the country the have strong relations with to come in and out free of visa.

Some reason that necessitate this can be trade and investment in the region, there must be a benefit the country who grants other country visa free is benefiting.

Example include;

  • All European member states allow their neighbor to come in and go out without visa
  • All west African countries do this also.

Overview Of Kuwait Visa applications:

Here we will be looking at Kuwait and visa types because in life, man most failures in any endeavors comes those little things that we think that does matter. This is because to because to achieve any success in any human endeavors, a lot of things is of course a sure thing that you know and applied and in implemented if success is ever to be achieved, money is not always the great issue likewise knowledge is not all that matter but how you apply your knowledge in right manner and circumstances, spending money necessity looms are some steps to success in most of human life endeavors.  So we will be looking briefly at the Kuwait economy, its visa types and before we proceed

State of Kuwait:

Kuwait as one of the gulf countries must posses some great resources that has made the country attractive to both global investors coming to do business and other visitors that are coming for one purpose or the other. It is this great resources which the country is endowed with has shaped the country what its today. Kuwait is made up of so many mineral resources of which oil is one of those resources.

It is this great amount of oil depot that has made this country a great nation that has ranked Kuwait the country with the highest currency, Kuwait dinar by valuation.

Mineral Resources:

Kuwait is known to be endowed with huge mineral resources that has made has attracted so many empires and conglomerates to the country. One of those resources is the oil which is in great quantities and it is been explored by the nation herself unlike some countries they allowed oversea firms to do the job. Their great oil endowment has created wealth for the nation attracting great giant companies especially those in oil explorations and of course other companies.

Population density:

The population of Kuwait is a factor to be looked into because if the country is more than what State can bear then it will definitely weigh on visa issuance to immigrant. countries that has ranked it top one among the most travel destination among the the rest of the gulf countries.

The population of the country is one the factor very important to the federal government and must be considered by the labor ministry, foreign affair ministry, and embassy of the government before anything else concerning how many will be granted access or who will not be granted this is because there is many reasons visa request by the foreign nationals are being granted and denied.