How To Apply for British Oxford University Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022/2023

British universities are an all-you-can-eat buffet of top-notch resources, programs, and opportunities. If you don’t have the grades or scores to gain admission to a particular school, there are always other options. One of them is British Oxford University Scholarships. Getting one of these scholarships could help secure your future at least for a while if not forever. These scholarships are open to students from all over the world who meet certain criteria. What you need is to prepare as well as answer specific questions that the university asks to determine your eligibility for its scholarship program

How To Apply for British Oxford University Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022/2023

All undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in studies and research are presently eligible to apply for Oxford University Scholarships for the academic years 2022–2023. To minimize any trouble, interested students must submit the scholarship application before the deadline. Check the qualifying requirements before applying for an Oxford University Scholarship as well.

It is a tremendous accomplishment to attend a top-tier university like Oxford University to study. Many students aspire to finish their further education at a university of this caliber. However, only a few of them are successful in completing this task.

One of the best universities, the Oxford University of England has consistently ranked first for the past six years. The excellent education, cutting-edge approaches, significant scholarships and bursaries, excellent networking, internship and career chances, etc. are all to thank for that.

If you’re thinking about applying to Oxford University in 2022/2023, you may be wondering what scholarships are available. You aren’t alone! Each year, more than 13,000 students apply to Oxford as a result of its stellar reputation and the enormous number of scholarships offered. Oxford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and offers some amazing scholarships for top students. It ranks among the very best in the world when it comes to offering financial aid to students. However, that can make it challenging for those who want to apply without knowing where to start. Therefore, we have included details below on how you can access scholarships at Oxford without knowing about IELTS scores.

About the University of Oxford

University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. The university was officially founded in the 12th century, although there had been a school at Oxford for around 8 years before this. Oxford is renowned for its extensive research facilities and facilities, including the Radcliffe Observatory, one of the largest observational telescopes in the world. Today, Oxford is also well known for being a very diverse and inclusive university. Over 30% of undergraduates are from a minority ethnic background and the university actively seeks to attract a wide range of people. Oxford is the only University in the UK to have an official ‘BAME week’. But perhaps most importantly, Oxford is a very welcoming place for people of all ages and abilities. After all, the university has been at the forefront of higher education since the 11th century.

An Alternative to IELTS for Oxford University

Many students may be wondering whether they should still apply with IELTS instead of an alternative test such as TOEFL. While IELTS is widely considered to be the more ‘standard’ test, the fact is that not all universities are looking for an English language level there. Many have flexible application processes with a variety of requirements. To help you understand what the different universities in the UK are looking for when it comes to scholarship applications, we have included a table below. If you are having trouble choosing between IELTS and an alternative test for Oxford University, this table can help you as it shows which universities prefer which test.


How to Apply for Scholarships at Oxford University Without IELTS Scores

There are a few ways to apply for scholarships at Oxford University without knowing your IELTS scores. This is particularly useful if you are applying as a non-native speaker of English, as IELTS scores can be a big barrier to entry. First of all, you should consider applying to a few different types of scholarships. Many of the most competitive scholarships focus on research, meaning that you shouldn’t be limited to just English language-based scholarships. As you are likely to be applying for many different types of scholarships, it is important to remember to keep your application consistent and cohesive. Therefore, it is best to include one main scholarship application and one supplementary application for general scholarships.

Acceptance Rate of Oxford University: 17.5%

Getting admission into such a renowned university is not more than a dream come true. Candidates need to work extra hard to secure admission here as the acceptance rate for this university is 17.5%. That makes it a highly competitive institution for international students.

Admission Application Fee of University of Oxford: £75

The admission application charges at the University of Oxford per course are £75. However, these charges can waive off if students apply for the application fee waiver at the admission department of Oxford.

Reason to Choose Oxford University:

No wonder dozens of outstanding universities are there in England, but Oxford is the best among all. Following are the reasons that will justify the above statement:

  1. Multiple Scholarships, Bursaries, and Grants for the diverse degree programs.
  2. Extraordinary Libraries, approx. 100 in numbers.
  3. Oxford College Communities.
  4. Research opportunities for Undergraduates.
  5. Welfare and Sports facilities.
  6. The amazing alumni of Oxford.
  7. Friendly and peaceful environment of the UK.
  8. Beautiful and king-size historical building.
  9. Job & Internship Chances in the UK.
  10. Advanced Tutorial System to discuss Academic issues.

Funding Cover of Oxford University Scholarships

The international students winning a scholarship at the University of Oxford will be entitled to receive the following set of funding covers:

  • Opportunity to study for free at the University of Oxford
  • Monthly stipend paid by Oxford
  • Residence (paid) by University of Oxford
  • Health insurance coverage for Oxford Students
  • Access to Oxford libraries and labs

Visit the Oxford Scholarship Gateway

Oxford University also offers a scholarship portal, which can help you find scholarships and apply for them easily. The gateway is separated into two sections. In the ‘Scholarships’ section, you will find links to the different scholarships offered by Oxford. All you have to do to access this section is log into the Oxford Scholarship Gateway. Alternatively, if you want to search for scholarships based on criteria such as location, subject area, or other aspects of your application, you can do this in the ‘Search By’ section. All you have to do is enter keywords that help you narrow down the scholarships that you are looking for.

Research the Scholarships Available via the Portal

If you are interested in applying for a specific scholarship, you should look into the scholarship information available on the Oxford Scholarship Gateway. When you are logged into the portal, head over to the ‘Scholarships’ section and type in the name of the scholarship that you are interested in applying for. Alternatively, you can just scroll down the page until you see the scholarship you are interested in. This should help you find the scholarship information such as how many places are offered, its requirements, and how to apply. Once you have this information, you can start applying for the scholarships that you are interested in.

Don’t Forget About Local and Internal Scholarships

As you are likely to be applying for a variety of different scholarships, it is important to remember not to limit yourself to the scholarship information that is available on the Oxford Scholarship Gateway. You should also take advantage of the scholarship information available in the local and internal scholarship sections of the Oxford Scholarship Gateway. For example, Oxford is a very popular university with students looking to apply for a scholarship as it is a great place to study. As such, there are a large number of scholarships available in the ‘Local’ category that are offered by cities, towns, and organizations in the local area.

View all Oxford University Summer Vacation Scholarship Program 2022 Information

If you are putting your application together and you want to find out more about any scholarships that are available at Oxford University, you should take advantage of the scholarship information available on the scholarship portal. In particular, you should head over to the ‘Scholarship Resources’ section and search for the scholarship that you are interested in applying for. Once you have done this, you should see the scholarship application information, including how to apply and important deadlines.

List of Scholarships Offered by the Oxford University:

Talking about the scholarships announced by Oxford University are too many to count for local and international students. Additionally, these fully/partially funded scholarships offer various financial coverages to the winners in terms of tuition fee waivers, book costs, travel costs, accommodation, health insurance, etc.

Here, we will discuss all the funded scholarships available for the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate courses.

Oxford Scholarships Reach:

While pursuing an undergraduate degree at Oxford, students from low-income nations are eligible to apply for this award. Providing annual grants, living grants, flying tickets, course fees, and other financial assistance, aids in financing the high education of such candidates. The scholarship will last for three to four years. However, everything is dependent on the chosen path.

Before applying for an undergraduate course at Oxford, consider applying for a scholarship instead.

Crankset Awards:

It is a scholarship open to UK citizens with an annual income of no more than £27,500. Each year, the recipients of this scholarship will receive a gift of £5,000 to help with living and educational expenses.

On the other hand, the students are also assisted by this program in obtaining paid internship opportunities.

Palgrave Brown UK Awards:

Another scholarship opportunity is available for Suffolk undergrads attending Oxford. The interested candidates must meet the qualifying requirements for this scholarship, which include being a citizen of the UK or Norfolk/Suffolk. This prestigious fellowship will last for three to four years. However, the grant will only be given to students taking medical courses for four years.

Winners will be able to use the £5,500 award up until the end of the course to pay for living expenses and other necessities. Students will also be awarded scholarships based on their academic performance and financial need.

Earline Butler Sims & Arlan Hamilton Scholarship at Oxford:

This scholarship is open to all Black African-born UK residents enrolled in this university's undergraduate program. The scholarship winners will also receive a £3,000 internship stipend, living expenses, annual fees, and other privileges.

Scholarships for Graduate Study at Oxford:

For local and international students, the reputable university offers over 1,000 graduate scholarships that are totally or partially sponsored. They will also cover living expenses, study expenses, travel expenses, and tuition grants, just like the other scholarships offered by this university. The leadership program and the help of scholars are two additional advantages.

Candidates are chosen based on their talent, intelligence, financial necessity, and academic performance. The eligibility requirements, however, change depending on the degree program selected or the candidates' place of residence.

There isn't a separate scholarship application or any other paperwork required for Oxford's admittance application procedure to be considered for this graduate scholarship.

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Leadership Program, number seven:

This fellowship is open to students at Oxford University who are beginning a graduate program. It is a partnership scholarship, with the institution contributing 40% and outside donations the remaining 60%. The exciting aspect of this scholarship is that the recipients will receive a stipend of £15,609 to cover living expenses in addition to a 100% exemption from tuition fees.