The Path to Becoming a Marketing Coordinator: Summer 2023 (Internship/Co-op) in Canada

When applying to work as a marketing coordinator, writing a strong cover letter will help you stand out from the competition, especially if you're a current university student looking to complete your education while gaining practical experience. Keep your cover letter to one page and make sure to address the recruiting manager by person (if possible). Include your contact information as well, and if you don't hear back from the recruiting manager after ten business days, get in touch with them.

The Path to Becoming a Marketing Coordinator: Summer 2023 (Internship/Co-op) in Canada

We have the ideal opportunity available if you seek an internship or co-op position with a business trying to strengthen its marketing team. Our company needs a co-op or intern to serve as the marketing coordinator. Editing and delivering marketing materials will be the primary duties of this entry-level role. For this role, having the capacity to work independently, maintain organization, and meet deadlines are all necessary. You'll also require excellent communication abilities along with proficiency in PowerPoint presentations. I don't need prior industry experience, but I would appreciate it. We provide competitive compensation, flexible hours, and a comprehensive benefits package that includes life insurance, a 401(k) match after six months of work, health insurance, and holiday pay at 15% of income.

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Who is a marketing coordinator

A marketing coordinator is a person who plans and executes the marketing strategy for an organization. They can work closely with different teams within their company, from design and marketing professionals to sales representatives and customer service professionals. Their primary responsibility is analyzing data, researching, and developing solutions to help their company succeed. A marketing coordinator's focus can be on four areas, including, but not limited to, branding, advertising, social media, or public relations.

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How to apply for a Canada work visa as a foreigner

You must apply for the proper work visa to work as a marketing coordinator in Canada. You will need the following paperwork and details to complete. A cover letter outlining your qualifications for the role and why you'd be a good fit for the business; Your résumé, which must include information about your schooling and any relevant experience; a global criminal background check performed by a company that has been authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada; A medical certificate that was completed within six months of applying or, if one was necessary before your interview, a statement from your doctor confirming that you have no health issues.

What is a marketing coordinator?

Marketing coordinators are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, maintaining contact with clients, and managing the company's social media presence. They must also have excellent interpersonal skills as they regularly interact with employees and clients. In this summer position, you will be immersed in the marketing world from day one. You will learn what it means to be a successful marketing coordinator by shadowing some of our leading staff members and taking an active role in daily operations.


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Responsibilities of a marketing coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, you would manage the company's marketing strategy. You would plan and execute campaigns across various channels, such as digital media and print advertising. You would also help find and develop creative content for the company's social media accounts. Marketing coordinators are often on the front lines of public relations efforts, so you would work closely with PR agencies to handle crisis communications.

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Skills needed to be a marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinators manage the organization's marketing and promotional materials. They collaborate closely with the sales, product development, and customer support departments to market new goods or services. You require excellent analytical, communication, and creative abilities to succeed as a marketing coordinator. Additionally, it would be best if you spoke on the company's behalf at conferences or trade events. Because marketing coordinators must comprehend money, technology, management, and human resources, they must have a strong business understanding.

Education and experience requirements

To be considered for the position of Marketing Coordinator, Summer 2023 (Internship/Co-op), candidates must have experience with marketing campaigns and understand how they can help businesses grow. The candidate should also have strong verbal and written communication skills and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Ideally, the candidate will also have experience working in marketing or communications positions. To apply, please submit your resume to our human resources department by July 15th, 2023.

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Salary expectations

Marketing coordinators typically make between $40,000 and $90,000 per year. These salaries can be considerably higher depending on the company and experience. Internships are often unpaid but provide valuable experience for future marketing positions. Co-ops usually offer an hourly wage or salary and are most beneficial when interning with a company with similar goals as your own.
Marketing coordinators are in charge of everything from developing new campaign ideas to implementing strategies to get customers excited about the brand.

Job Outlook

As the link between marketing and the rest of the organization, marketing coordinators collaborate with departments from many sectors to design and carry out marketing programs. They frequently need degrees or certificates in both marketing and business since they must be able to speak both languages. Additionally, many companies demand that marketing coordinators have at least three years of industry expertise. Given these requirements, it is simple to understand why some individuals believe this is not the best position for a college student. The option to work while attending school and the flexible hours make this position ideal for recent graduates who want to obtain practical experience before they graduate.

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Apply now to work with the company

55 Bloor Street West Toronto Ontario, M4W 1A6

As a co-op/intern student at BMO, you will have the opportunity to be heard, keep growing and make a difference. You will be part of our campus program to gain the skills and knowledge needed to take on roles similar to the description listed below.

Our student experience is designed to integrate you into the BMO team from day one by adding value to your work. You will have the opportunity to participate in programs such as the Women in Technology Mentorship Program, BMO First Friend peers assignment, BMO Social Squad student-led activities, BMO U corporate learning platform, and access to various Employee Resource Groups to develop your network within BMO further.

Are you interested in learning more about our campus program? Stay up-to-date with BMO Campus Recruitment by following us on Twitter @BMOonCampus & Instagram @BMO_on_Campus.

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Role Overview

By expanding the retail credit cards & payments business and maintaining BMO as a top Canadian credit card issuer, the Canadian Credit Card Marketing team assists the bank in realizing its goals.

The team, in cooperation with partners, is responsible for creating & carrying out marketing plans to:

1) Find and enroll new customers efficiently;

2) Strengthen client connections by increasing card usage, wallet share, balance growth, retention, and

You can successfully promote new features and services, like rewards programs and digital card management tools.

The Marketing Coordinator for the Rewards and Loyalty Program will oversee the marketing activities to make the most of the strategic alliance between BMO and Air Miles. The administration of marketing communications for BMO Rewards, a proprietary rewards program, will also be a part of this function. These communications include efforts to advertise new program features or upgrades and continuous strategies to increase consumer involvement. The chosen applicant for this position will have experience with marketing communications and campaigns for engagement, lifecycle, and acquisition.

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Key Accountabilities

  • Support the development of an initiative-level strategy for marketing campaigns, ensuring they align with overall organizational strategy, effectively maximize opportunities to drive business results, and are consistent with the brand
  • Manage the tactical execution of marketing campaigns & initiatives in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, including product, enterprise marketing, agency teams, and channels teams
  • Monitor best practices and competitor activities, both locally & globally as well as across industries, to understand trends, forecast developments, and identify potential solutions for growth and innovation
  • Ensure effective and robust tracking and measurement of targeted marketing initiatives
  • Ensure flawless execution of best-in-class marketing communications

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Working Conditions

The working environment will be a combination of the office environment and working remotely.

Additional Details

Contributes to the efficient and effective operations of marketing projects, programs, and events. Performs various tasks and supports the marketing team, ensuring that operational processes are followed. Assists with the planning and executing of special projects, events, and conferences. Helps the planning, development, production, and delivery of marketing solutions. Works collaboratively with key stakeholders to ensure timelines are met and marketing collateral is aligned with brand standards and product positioning.

  • Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders as required.
  • Maintains/updates internal web content, presentations, and sales aids with current information.
  • Coordinates processes for translation and regulatory approval of materials.
  • Supports the production of products and marketing solutions to include communications, articles, presentations, and sales tools.
  • Supports collateral marketing development, production, and distribution and manages materials inventories.
  • Updates, tracks, and maintains team schedules, marketing budgets,s and inventory.
  • Executes work to deliver timely, accurate, and efficient service.
  • Completes complex & diverse tasks within given rules/limits and may include handling escalations from other employees.
  • Analyzes issues and determines the next steps.
  • Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed.


  • As part of the BMO campus program, we are looking for motivated University and College students who strongly desire to learn.
  • College diploma in Marketing or Communications preferred.
  • Specialized knowledge.
  • Verbal & written communication skills - Good.
  • Organization skills - Good.
  • Collaboration & team skills - Good.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills - Good.

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Final Thought 

This summer, I had a great time working with the marketing team. I gained knowledge from experts with more than ten years of experience in this sector, which helped me hone my future talents. I learned what it takes to be a great marketing coordinator during my internship, and I can't wait to put what I learned to use. There are so many options available that it might take time to decide which best suits your needs.
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