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Do you urgently need to make some complaint or enquires and have been searching for GOtv customer care number and contact details? Well, you should consider your search over.


GOtv being the home of African television is arguably one of the best (if not the best) paid TV satellite for individuals and family in Nigeria. Their commitment to delivering family entertainment to Africa at a very low monthly rate has gained them the likeness of many Nigerians.

But while we use the TV satellite service, we may have a need to call GOtv customer care number or even go to their offices in person.

That's where we need GOtv Contact details; Phone number, email, website, social media handler, office location.


Here're All GOtv Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode and Contact Details

GOtv Nigeria Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details 

  • GoTV Nigeria Short Code: 4688
  • GoTV Nigeria USSD: *288*1#
  • GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number: 08039044688
  • GoTV Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/gotvng
  • GoTV Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/GOtvNg
  • GoTV Nigeria Email: dstv@nigeria.multichoice.co.za
  • GoTV Nigeria Website: http://nigeria.gotvafrica.com/
  • GoTV Nigeria Contact Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.

GOtv Ghana Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GoTV Ghana Short Code: 4688
  • GoTV Ghana USSD: *759#
  • GoTV Ghana Customer Care number: +233 302 740 540
  • GoTV Ghana Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/GOtvGhana
  • GoTV Ghana Email Address: customerservice@gh.multichoice.com
  • GoTV Ghana Contact Address: PMB CCC 29 cantonments, Accra

GOtv Kenya Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GoTV Kenya Short Code: 22688
  • GoTV Kenya USSD: *423#
  • GoTV Kenya Customer Care Number: +254 711 066 000
  • GoTV Kenya Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/GOtvKenya
  • GoTV Kenya Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/GOtvKenya
  • GoTV Kenya Email:  kenya@gotv.co.za
  • GoTV Kenya Address: Multichoice Kenya Ltd. First Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands, Nairobi

GOtv Malawi Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GoTV Malawi Short Code: 54688
  • GoTV Malawi USSD: *570#
  • GoTV Malawi Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/GOtv-Malawi-454104011323683/
  • GoTV Malawi Customer Care: +265 1 895 777
  • GoTV Malawi Address: MultiChoice Malawi Independence Drive Namiwawa Blantyre Malawi P O Box 801, Blantyre, Malawi

GOtv Zambia Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GOtv Zambia Short Code: 4688
  • GOtv Zambia USSD: *668#
  • GOtv Zambia Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/GOtvZambia
  • GOtv Zambia Email: zambia@gotv.co.za
  • GOtv Zambia Customer Care Number: +260 211368343
  • GOtv Zambia Address: MultiChoice Zambia Limited, Plot no. 34772/34773 Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia P.O Box 320011

GOtv Mazambique Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GOtv Mazambique Short Code: 94688
  • GOtv Mazambique Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/GotvMozambique/
  • GOtv Mazambique Email: Mozambique@gotv.com
  • GOtv Mazambique Customer Care Number: +258 21411270
  • GOtv Mazambique Address: Av. Vladimir Lenine 179 - 6ยบ Maputo Mozambique

GOtv Namibia Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GOtv Namibia Short Code: 44688
  • GOtv Namibia USSD: *142*6688*1#
  • GOtv Namibia Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/GOtvNamibia
  • GOtv Namibia Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/GotvNamibia
  • GOtv Namibia Email: namibia@gotv.co.za
  • GOtv Namibia Customer Care Number: +264 612705230
  • GOtv Namibia Address: 161 Nelson Mandela Ave, Klein Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia P.O BOX 5226 Eros

GOtv Rwanda Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

GOtv Uganda Customer Care Numbers, ShortCode And Contact Details

  • GOtv Uganda Short Code: 6488
  • GOtv Uganda USSD: *206#
  • GOtv Uganda Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/GOtvUG
  • GOtv Uganda Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/GOtvUganda
  • GOtv Uganda Email: uganda@gotv.co.za
  • GOtv Uganda Customer Care Number: +256312245245
  • GOtv Uganda Address: Multichoice Uganda, Plot 95 Buganda Road, Kampala

Listed above are Gotv Nigeria, Gotv Ghana, Gotv Kenya, Gotv Malawi, Gotv Zambia, Gotv Mazambique, Gotv Namibia, Gotv Rwanda, Gotv Uganda Customer care numbers, shortcodes, USSD and contact details. Enquiries can be made Via Phone Number, Email Address, Website and Social Media.

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