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If you had started using Instagram long before my grandma started, you should remember back in 2016 when Instagram introduced the Instagram Stories, a feature that allows you share treasured moments of your day - a feature that changes almost every thing.

Instagram Stories Mobile Web

We now know that Instagram Stories has 250 million daily active users and 700 million monthly users and its all time rival, Snapchat having a total of 166 million daily active users on its entire app.

While it appears that both of them have been copying each other's feature lately, Instagram just made another improvement.

Instagram has made the stories feature available on the mobile version of its website. So you can now read Instagram stories without even downloading the app.

Cool right?

For some reason (maybe cause the app drains your data?), if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to install the app and yet you want to enjoy most of the features (which isn't possible, as far as Instagram is concerned) this development will allow you see your friends' stories.

PS: Users can only view other's stories, an option for you to upload your own will roll in later.

Fortunately Unfortunately if you were using Instagram Web and Mobile version just to stay away from all the noise in Instagram Stories, since Instagram Mobile now have the stories, that leaves you just one place without stories - the Web version.

Instagram Stories on web

It's no big deal that the Instagram Stories haven't come to the Web version since we can't even upload images there (all thanks to how basic it is).

What do you think this update?

Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments.

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