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Yeah... You heard me right.

Hope you've been saving for this bae? Cos, it's almost here.

If you have been waiting for clues of what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will look like, then I congratulate you. Mbok, your search is over.

Some one just brought an Expo into the exam hall (hehe).

But, if you are the kind of cool person who usually doesn't give attention to phone leaks on the internet and would prefer to wait for the original phone, congratulations to you also.

Your interest in Samsung has just landed you into seeing your very first expo, hehe.

Samsung Note 8 Images

Though we've been seeing some leaks within the recent months. But like it always is, a lot of them are fake.

Those were forerunners actually. hehe.

The Messiah has come (hopefully though)

This is what the Samsung Note 8 will look like when we see it in a few months time (September or thereabout).


The famous, Evan, (sorry for the title though, this isn't the famous Nigerian Evans).

I meant the famous leak boss.

Yeah.. that guy - verified by twitter and known for his doings in the tech industry.

Let me hold on here (cos my spirit is high), In case you don't know or haven't heard of Evan.

Here are one or two things you should know about Evan Blass;

According to Wikipedia
Evan Nelson Blass, once known solely by his pen name @evleaks, is an American blogger, editor, and phone leaker. He gained international notoriety for a series of numerous smartphone and tablet leaks on Twitter, spanning the period July 2012 through August 2014, that made him a trusted source for many technology journalists

You can follow this link to know more about him.

Ahead of the official release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, he has posted a picture of the phone in the Midnight Black color option

The Galaxy Note 8 is kinda a big deal because of its predecessor, the Note 7 which had some anger management issues.

Sorry, I meant fire management issues...  (lol)

Remember it led to the huge predicament that made Samsung recall over 2.5 million units they had already sold?

You can read more about that HERE

So, Yeah... Legendary Evan Has Kidnapped And Leaked The Samsung Note 8. (hehe)

Don't forget to leave your thoughts, cos The Number 1 Consumer Commandment Says #WhatSaysThou? If You Break It, The god Of Tech Shall Visit You With Power Bank Problem, Hehe.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Image



Lol ,I carry transformer for the title , on seeing the leaked pic , i was like where is our home button again na ....... cooooooolll

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