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Meet Mokase – The Strange Smartphone Case That Makes Coffee

After a day of hard work, something to keep the mouth wet is the next thing that comes to mind right?

Often times we get disappointed when we can't go to a coffee shop or we just can't find any sign of coffee.

So so disappointing!

Mokase Smartphone case

Then I remembered the saying "in every disappointment comes blessings"

So, man of little faith, have some faith! Because Technologically, we're blessed.

I want you to meet Mokase, one of the strangest phone cases you will ever see - it doubles as an Espresso Machine.

With a perfect combination of our love for smartphone and our love for Coffee (for those who love coffee), this bizzare phone case should excite you.

How Does Mokase Work?

The Mokase is a heat-proof phone case which holds a drink inside and allows users to make a coffee via an app.

A thin coffee capsule fits inside the custom case which contains the beans and water required to make a delicious shot of java.

By pressing a button on the Mokase app this opens and flows through a hole in the case - which warms the drink with its built-in heating system.

The brains behind the product, Naples-based company Smart K, said:

Mokase is the first multi-utility cover that supplies espresso coffee whenever and wherever you want with a simple system of disposable wafer, that makes your smartphone unique.

So, if it happens you can't get through the day without a coffee in hand, then this new contraption could allow you to pour yourself a cup on the go.

Mokase on Samsung

Loving it already? So Like How Much Does Mokase Cost?

Uh uh uh.... (Coughing)

If some one had told you in a dream that such a thing existed, would you expect it to cost a pea nut?

Honestly, this stuff ain't cheap. It is expected to retail at £67 ($87). ie. Over 30,000 Naira.

Strange, bizzare, call it what ever you want. Beside the price, this phone case is a YEAH for me. Maybe it could get me a hot chick like the one in the video.

Phone Case That Cannot Make Coffee, Is That One Phone Case?


#WhatSaysThou? Do you think the Mokase Phone Case Could Come in Handy? Share your thought

Watch Video Below

Meet Mokase – The Strange Smartphone Case That Makes Coffee Meet Mokase – The Strange Smartphone Case That Makes Coffee Reviewed by Samuel Philip on September 22, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. OMG . this is too much oo , technology is growing very very fast , what can't our smartphones do now? , this one weak me . very impressing thou , the price is worth it too . i will think of getting it when i'm too old to make a coffee lollll

  2. Found that I actually read the post from beginning till end.

    The phone's cute and unique and the price's not that much though

  3. This is actually really very strange phone case. I never heard of it and by seeing pic I kind of surprised. Thanks for sharing and letting us know that this kind of phone case does exist.


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