Shocking But True! You Can Charge Your Phone With An Apple

  1. Can a Fruit Charge a Phone ?
Big question it is, can this even be possible? Yeah, it’s definitely not an illusion nor a mind trick but its pure science.


If you think this is lame, you just have to make a rethink, what if your phone batteries run flat and it happens that you are in the middle of nowhere and you really want to make an important call. We all have once or frequently fallen into this exact situation.

Here is the interesting part, if you have some fruits along with you for snacks, you can simply solve your problem by improvising. Watch this video and you should understand how this is done.

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Charging a Phone With an Apple.

In the video, what the man actually did is amazing, he only used a USB Cable and an Apple to charge his phone. Apart from Apple, you can also use other fruits such as Lemons and Oranges. Fruits work like batteries and so using just one Orange might reduce the charging speed. It’s therefore advised you use more than one Orange in order to increase the charging speed.


However, be prepared for the side effect of doing this because, once you start using a USB Cable and fruit to charge your phone, you have to clean the USB or just buy a new one! So do not plug it into your computer.

Watch the video Now

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It advised you do some test at home before you try it out in public

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