You Are Better Than Your Neighbor With These 5 Apps

Are you looking for an app that suits your very own life style? There is just an app for every body.

Whether you believe it or not, there is almost an app for everything, apps that will make life technically easy.

In this article, am going to prove to you that you can be better than your next door neighbor with just your phone.

First and foremost is

1. Google Translator: 

You might be familiar with google web translator, but you are not aware of the usefulness of this app. Let me bring this to your notice; the google translate app is developed with ability to translate foreign text it to your desired language. The truth about the google translate is that “it is the word in your language”. How cool is that?

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The google translate uses camera to translate text instantly, and has a two way auto speech translator.

2. Clockspot

At the mention of this app, business owners are glad. This helps in accessing employees, both their activities and their payroll reports. With this app, employers can track overtime and even approve time sheets.

What the Clockspot actually does is that it stores all information in a secured cloud, making you worry less about losing data. If your business is a small or medium scale business, try use the Clockspot to make your business more technological.

3. AnyMote App

This app is what every movie lover should get cos you will worry less about losing your remote control. The Anymote app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your home devices

4. Smart Tool App

Just as the name implies, the app is a collection of many tools and automatically turns your smartphone into a tool box.

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The app features tools such as unit converter, compass, ruler, distance and length measurement as well as metal detector.
There are still more tools to be mention, i bet you could find a something useful for your every task.

I come to a conclusion with

5. Square Register

This app is more of a premier payment service, it allows you to make card payments through any smartphone by just swiping.

The app makes it easy to send receipts directly to customers via email.

Make your neighbors go jealous, when they see how easy technology and smartphone has made your life be.

If you think there are more cool and useful apps, share with the world by using the comment box below. Thanks for your time

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