Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Leak Shows Curved Display And Other Impressive Features

Don’t you just adore smartphones with a curved display? Well, I do and as we geeks see it, “very soon, curved screen display will be a centre of attraction in the mobile market”. Samsung having taken the first step, others are anticipating such designs and following suit.
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 curved display
A few days ago, the net was flooded with leaks of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, surprisingly, the leak confirms that the device would feature key specifications like a curved screen display (just like Samsung Galaxy 6 edge plus) alongside a dual camera setup. Just yesterday, brand news set of images were leaked online. This time, the focus is on the phone’s curved screen.

Concerning the specifications, the touch screen phone is expected to be powered by Quad-core Snapdragon 821 SoC , with an OLED display of 5.5 inches, resolution of 1080 pixel, 6GB RAM size and Internal storage of 128GB.

According to various rumours, the device will likely come in two editions: one with QHD resolutions and the other with 1080 pixel.

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Take a look

leaks of Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Right now, price tag and other related details have not been released, but hopefully, with the rate at which the leaks appear to be coming, details will be made public soonest.

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