Which of These Old Nokia Phones Did You Rock Best?

You must have heard the saying “gone too soon”, “exit of an icon”, “exit of a legend”, well in this case, this is “exit of a gadget”.

Long time ago I use to have a Nokia 100 series phone, it was really expensive, not what an average citizen could afford, how I lost it, i can’t tell, but having the latest Nokia 100 series phone in my street back then made me a rich kid.

Do you remember the Nokia 3310, “the ground breaking phone”, it  recently celebrated 15 years in Nigeria.

Nokia 1100, produced in 2003
Nokia 1011, produced in 1992
Nokia 2110, produced in 1994
Nokia 8210, produced in 1999
Nokia 3310, produced in 2000
Nokia 6600, produced in 2003
Nokia 1110, produced in 2005

Majority of us will agree with me that the journey into the smartphone age was not an easy one. Now we have smartphones that are really smart, Although not smarter than us, lol.

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You may certainly call them dumb phones, now that we have Tablets and Phablets, but here is a question for you; which one did you enjoy most?

Tell us, which was your last dumphone? How did you like it? What were the features you enjoyed? Which smartphone did you then move onto? Let us know in the comments below!

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