Where To Find A Good Phone Insurance In Nigeria

At the mention of ‘insurance’, a lot of us will think straight to Car insurance, House insurance or life insurance.
There is a whole bunch of insurance but right now, we want to talk about phone insurance. When we purchase a phone, we often discover that these phones have a little warranty but most of these warranty do not cover losses. 
Since you know yourself better than the insurers do, there is definitely something to gain when your phone is under insurance.
Before we go to the reason for this post, here are some important things you need to consider before you insure your phone.
1. Are loss or theft covered?
2. Are damage caused by water covered?, either immersion or spill
3. Are you going to be charge on a monthly base or will you pay a one time fee?
4. Will your replacement phone be the same model as the one that got lost or damaged?
5. Whats the guaranteed time for the replacement?
6. Are you limited to a number of replacement?
Having these question at the back of you mind, you can take a look at these companies that offer  good phone insurance in Nigeria.

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Pointek offers insurance that covers theft, which is something every proud phone owner loves. We are long past the days of Nokia 3310. A lot of us now use smart phones, we buy phones that cost over 100,000 Naira so there is nothing wrong if companies provide insurance for customers.


On Jumia, you can certainly buy an insured plan that is sponsored by AXA Mansard. With Jumia, insurance protection covers liquid and screen damage. The cost of Insurance on Jumia actually varies on the cost of the phone you purchased. 
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Samsung Protection Plus

With Samsung Protection Plus, you get insurance that covers cracked screens and other damages that can occur during handling. They offer a nice insurance policy but the annoying part is that insurance only covers their flagship phones.


Konga is also a place where you can get good insurance for gadgets including phones and laptops. Konga’s gadget protection has been sponsored by Cornerstone Insurance Plc. covers screen, audio port, water, power port and keyboard damage.
The sad part of this is that you can’t get an insurance with a ‘London use’ phone or “tokunbo”. You can only insure devices you buy new.
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