WhatsApp Adds New Emojis To Android Update

Users of Android-device are gaining from a series of updates.
Android are certain to benefit from new emojis and keyboard next week, here comes the news that WhatsApp for Android is ready to be updated, which will make available new emojis for users.

The company has made available WhatsApp version 2.12.374 for the Android app from their official site as well as APK Mirror. In this new version there are of emojis that have novel facial expressions as well as novel characters.

WhatsApp will soon start pushing out the updated version through the Google Play Store to Android users.

If you are curious about this new emojis the WhatsApp update for Android brings, be ready because this new emojis will steal your time for playing soccer, your time for reading, your time for driving and lots more. LGBT emojis comes with this update, which will be accepted by users. The horns gesture also have a new sign of , which adds to older popular emojis such as the raised middle finger.

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Along with this update is a detective emoji to the facial expression tab. In time past, WhatsApp only had five emoji tabs for Android apart from the recently used one. In v2.12.374, Android users get eight tabs that have beverage, bulb, sports, flag.

The new emojis added to WhatsApp for Android appear to be from Unicode 8 and Unicode 7 standards, and previously emerged on iOS with the arrival of iOS 9.1.

As previously reported, The pushing out of these new emojis had been confirmed by Google as part of the Unicode 8 standard to Android devices. The first to benefit of this is the Nexus range of devices – starting next week – with other OEMs to push out the update to their devices in time.

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If you’re an Android user of WhatsApp and are itching to try out the new emojis, update to version 2.12.374. Don’t forget that the person you are messaging on WhatsApp has to be on the same version, or else the emojis will just appear as empty boxes.

Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp, from the official WhatsApp website.

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