Poll: What’s Your Favourite Video Calling App?

Who doesn’t enjoy the experience he gets when talking to a distant friend over the phone? It’s just over the moon. You could go on and on and on still thinking the conversation hasn’t even begun, leaving an exhausted call credit or data bundle to cut your off.


Things became even better when Messaging Apps started including the video calls thingy – a feature that gave us the privilege to talk to friends and family face-to-face. And no doubt, we’re all fallen in love with it.

… and you know what else?

We’ve got an improved way of doing the old conference calls

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With the Video calling trend, some of us might have bought phones pre-installed with one video call software or the other, but we still face difficulties as these built-in video software do not “just go with our preference” or worst, do not work too well on all platforms.

Today, we’re conducting a poll and we want you to share your opinion with others – What’s your favourite App for video calling?

All you have to do is head straight to the comment box below and tell us your favourite or best Video calling App. You could also go an extra mile to tell us why you prefer one over the other.

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We plan to use these suggestions to assist individuals who wish to come on board to video calling and help them choose a video calling app with confidence.

Okay… Over to you. What’s Your Favourite Video Calling App?

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