Unlocking PDF Files Made Easy With PDFBear

In this modern period, where almost everything is done through computers and the Internet, access to different sources and works has been convenient. For this reason, issues about intellectual property rights being undermined and works being stolen quickly become rampant to the point where statutes have to be created to curb behaviors.

Aside from the fact that the government creates policies to prevent intellectual property theft, technology innovators have also made preventive measures to safeguard file ownership, especially for those who cannot afford the cost of complaining to courts. Among these measures are providing locks on PDF files.

The solution to the problem 

Provided that you have great respect for other people’s intellectual property rights and know the basics of citation, we will teach you how to unlock password protected PDF files. There are countless PDF lock removers, but most of them are not that accessible. This means that it either needs downloading or installing software that may require you to spend money. 

If you cannot afford to pay for software and do not want to undergo the tiresome experience of installation and updates yet still wish to access an unlocking feature, you have come to the right place. Today, we will be discussing a specific PDF unlocking platform. We will be diving into its excellent features as well as how it can be navigated. 

Getting to know PDFBear and its features

PDFBear is a platform that allows users to modify their PDF files. The modification can range from adding texts or pictures, changing orientation, converting to different file formats, etc. Today, we will specifically be tackling one of its unique services, enabling users to unlock password-protected PDF. 

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When we talk about PDFBear, the creator specifically wanted the users to experience convenience in navigating around the system. It is for this reason that when you visit the site, nothing looks complicated. The website is designed not to have many elements that may confuse users, the same with its instructions, which are equally simple to follow. 

Adding to its convenience feature is the fact that the process is designed to serve those who do not have the luxury of time. No one wants to be caught late or to go through the hassle of waiting. For this reason, aside from the navigations that can be performed in just a few clicks, the waiting time is also in just a minute or two—guaranteed to save your time! 

It also has safety features for its users. Considering that privacy rights issues have been a significant concern in the usage of the Internet, the creators understand users’ hesitation to upload files, which they consider personal, in the server. In line with this, the users ensure that everything is encrypted and their data will not be leaked or used without your authorization. 

You also have to note that most of the lock removers for PDF online cannot be easily trusted. Some may cause your device to catch malware and viruses that may affect its performance. PDFBear assures that you are protected from any breach and malware in the upload and download of your file. 

Compatible with any device 

You might be worried about your device’s or browser’s compatibility with the platform. This is a concern that everyone would consider, especially those who do not use an updated device or a mainstream browser. PDFBear tested the website in various operating systems and browsers to ensure that it functions universally regardless of the medium for access. 

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There is also no need to clean up your storage to perform the service you want to access. This is because, in accessing the service, you do not have to download colossal sized-software. All you have to do is to secure your internet connection and your device. It rests assured that in just a few clicks, whenever you are, you can perform the process.  

Steps to follow to unlock your password-protected PDF

Some sites tell you that their process is uncomplicated when it is nowhere near easy. PDFBear is not one of those platforms. It is, indeed, effortless to operate that even those who use the platform for the first time can easily have a hang of it. To unlock your PDF file, all you have to do is to follow the steps which will be provided below.  

The first step is very obvious. The platform will ask you to upload the protected file you want to unlock. In uploading, you may click the select file button and click on the file from your device. Other options may include dragging the said file from your folder and then dropping it on the conversation box. Either way, the platform will recognize your file. 

After you are done uploading, the website will scan your uploaded file. Then it will ask you to encode the password of the PDF file. The password can be given to you by your professor, boss, or group mates in a dissertation. It can be in a series of letters or numbers and even a combination of both. For a tip, take note of the upper and lower cases. 

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For the third step, click the unlock PDF button. All you have to do is to wait and relax. Note that it will only be in a matter of seconds. It will not take that long. Of course, if you got the password wrong, it may be that you missed a letter or confused certain elements of the combination. Try reviewing your password if it does not open. 

For the fourth step, the website will decrypt the file, and it will lead you to a page where you can download your unlocked PDF file. You may also send it to your friends or share it online via social media. With these four steps that are easy to follow, it is guaranteed that you will save your time while getting the job done. 

In A Nutshell  

Protected PDF files are the best way to go if you want your files to be safe from leakage and theft. However, if you are on the receiving end of a protected file, it will be a hassle, especially if you do not have the platform to unlock it. Hence, PDFBear exists not just to perform the job but also to make sure that its users have the best experience. 

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