Unbelievable! Burning Fire Can Charge Your Phone

When was the last time you went camping? Most times when we go camping and our phone battery happens to run down, its seems almost impossible to charge these batteries when there is no source of electricity around.
Here is a nice gadget that comes in handy and can keep you connected when ever you are in the woods.
As long as you can start a fire, you can definitely charge your phone when it runs out of battery and at the same time, charge your power bank when it runs out of juice. 
All you need is a FlameStower Charger that transfers heat energy into electricity and is able to power your phone.

Here is how it works

This is not meant to charge just your phone alone as it could charge any small device that has a micro-USB port. Although it will not charge your phone as fast as your regular phone charger. But at least it works and it’s better than nothing.
The principle behind the FlameStower Charger is simple application of physics.

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It is a device that is placed directly into the flame and is able to absorb heat energy. The heat is then transferred to a generator that is kept cool by a small water reservoir. There is a change in temperature that charges your cell phone, power bank and any other small device.

You can quickly get this awesome device (Flamestower USB Fore Charger) on Amazon for only $99.

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