Still Having Problem Conserving Your Data Subscription? Google Just Made An App To Help You

Ah ah!! Just now Just now??? So these people have started sucking my data like vampire abi??

Funny enough, that’s how most of us sound when our data run out unexpectedly.


You know how frustrating it is for you to subscribe to a data plan today and within a couple of days, you get an SMS from your network provider telling your that your data sub has been exhausted.

…Very frustrating

Some of us even go as far as calling network providers names, believing they cheat us and don’t actually give the exact data plans we opt-in for.

In as much as we try to limit what we do and where we browse on the internet, the different data plans never seem to last.

You could still learn How to Converse Your Data Subscription With or Without Recession

Well, there’s great news. Almighty Google has something cooked for us all.

You may already know that Google is the Almighty Search Engine that knows all and the mind behind Android Operating system – the operating system that lets us have a great experience on your Tecno, Inifnix, LG, Injoo, Gionnee and Samsung phones which are pre-installed with some cool apps.

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The search engine giant just launched an application that would let you manage and conserve data so that you wouldn’t bother cursing Airtel and Mtn again. (Hehehe)

Since it’s not every one that uses Unlimited Data subscription, this app would come in handy. Not forgetting that it would be market by Google them self, the app would almost certainly be a big hit.


So what’s this new app called and what does it do?

Google’s new app is called Triangle.

This new app (Triangle) will help us regulate, monitor and control the rate at which our mobile phone consumes data. Cool ha?

Although Android on its own monitors the data consumed by your individual apps, this new app comes with something cooler and it should interest you.

Have you ever wished you could specify how much data Instagram use a day?

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Hehe… I can already hear you thinking of ways to stop your Instagram app from drinking all of your data.

With the features on Triangle, you can tell Instagram and the rest of those data sucking apps not to use more than 20MB (for example), you can also know how much time you spend using any application daily.

And as part of the fun, a couple of carries would be giving out incentives and rewards to folks who use the app. (More money to your pocket) Lol…

So if you’re like me who love keeping check of how much data I spend, this app is the surest thing.

For the mean time, this app is being tested in Phillippines and though it is still unclear whether Google would graciously release the Triangle App to the rest of the world, one thing is certain; with the launch of this app, Google has gone a step higher into keeping its policy ever strong.

Google has always been an enemy of data wastage, they’ve previously created a feature that lets you control how you use data on your mobile phone; the Data saver on Chrome browser provided that feature.

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If you would love to get this app first hand even before it gets to Nigeria, here is a link to ApkMirror. Just download and install the Apk file.

With this, you should breathe a sigh of relief. Since the app lets, you set limits on data usage on your phone, you won’t bother thinking that your data would finish just too early.

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