TrackR: This Little Gadget Can Help You Track Your Phone, Wallet, Keys And Even Your Pet

Do you still believe in “Finders Keepers?” Well, think again because things are a lot better than they used to be. With this new gadget; the same size as a coin, you can now save yourself the stress and pain of reporting your lost properties to the corps.

Did you lose your car and couldn’t find out where you parked it? It happens to even the most ‘careful’ one of us. We end up wandering aimlessly roaming about the parking lot while trying to illuminate the car headlights by clicking on the panic buttons on your keychain.

Well, those days are gone; you as well don’t need those costly standalone GPS and radio triangulation units because technology is making life’s biggest problems go away. If you often forget where you parked your car, there is this new tiny gadget and app that would be of help to you in such situations.

This tiny device is known as TrackR and it is the size of a regular coin. To use this device, you have to download the free mobile application which will help you pair and locate the TrackR on your smartphone.

If you’ve successfully downloaded and opened the app, you should see the present location of your TrackR on the map. So if you ever lose your car or something else again, simply open the application and select “find device“. The app will find coordinates of the new location of the trackR.

You are advised to put your TrackR on a keychain in your wallet or in any object you desire to locate

Watch this video and see how the TrackR works

Apart from keeping track of your car, the TrackR can help you locate your keys, wallet and even help prevent your pet from getting lost. To get one of these devices, you need to order it from the website at an affordable price of $29.00.

Offers are currently on; if you buy 2, you get 1 for free, buy 3 get 2 free and buy 4 get 4 free. Don’t get left out, order a TrackR today.

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