Top 5 Computer Gadgets You Must Have

This is the 21st century and here are the top 5 computer gadgets you must have in your life for you to be ‘more into the 21st century’.

In a descending order, here is a quick review of these awesome tech gadgets.

5.The Hub+


Maybe you’ve got the best computer in town and it happens you can’t connect all your stuffs to your system at the same time. The Macbook is a practical example; but with the Hub+ you can connect all you want.

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The Hub+ features a USB C, display, USB A + Charging, SDXC card reader, aluminum alloy body, and a lithium ion battery.

4. Sliden’joy

Just as the name implies, the sliden’joy is like a device that allows you control and slide three screens at a time.

3. Odin

The Odin is another tech device you must have, it is a laser projection mouse. It works on reflection signals with infared sensors.

With the Odin, a video gamer, an office worker and a designer can get his work done. The good part is that it obeys the new century rule of being light in weight.

2. Zcan


The Zcan is a wireless scanner mouse, and it is the first of its kind.When you hover around the file you want to scan, the Zcan immediately scans and transfers the result to your computer screen, it can scan both tables and text.

1. The Leap motion

This is the ultimate, the leap motion helps you have a physical interaction with software using motion control.

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Do you remember the movie ‘Iron man’, how Tony Stark could move the holograms like it was nothing. That’s how the Leap motion is. After playing a video game with this, you will just hope the world doesn’t end any sooner.

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