This Is Why WAEC Can’t And Will Not Adopt CBT

The idea of introducing CBT in WAEC examination has been the talk of the town. But unfortunately, Africa is still developing, perhaps far still developing.

Why WAEC Can’t Adopt CBT

To review why WAEC can’t adopt this, you must know what CBT is.

CBT is the acronym for Computer Based Test while WAEC is the acronym for West African Examination

There have been some obvious restrictions standing against this motion and if you are still calling for CBT, take your time in reading this article and reason with me.

I would like you to know that the reason for being educated is not only to pass exams but to make people ready for life’s challenges.

On like other exams like JAMB who are fully into CBT, and are mere admission test, WAEC is more of a certificate examination, recording over 1,593,442 candidates that enrol yearly.

CBT Exam

The West African Examination Council test students’ abilities in three various ways:

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1. Objective questions
2. Essays
3. Practical

It is certain that all three aspects mentioned above cannot use CBT.

For the objective questions, the CBT can be applied but for the practical, it is almost impossible.

I will commend the effort Jamb has put in making the CBT applicable on her objective questions

After series of research, I have come to a conclusion and an opinion that CBT is the examination of the future, and if votes were to be taken, I would vote CBT for WAEC but as the case may be it is quite too early for WAEC to embrace CBT as the change we Africans await is still yet to come.


You may ask; what if other technology gadgets are used in carrying out practical?.

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At the fast rate, technology is growing, my reply to your question would be yes, and practicals would be conducted.

Yet there are still some slacks, an already existing hindrance in the African society.

Electricity Problem

Currently, African still faces Electric distribution failure and this is the first thing to consider in achieving a successful examination process. Of course, generators and inverters could be used but how many centres nationwide can afford such?

Insufficient Computer systems

Many schools lack standard computer rooms and as result have insufficient facilities to run the exam on CBT. Besides this the cost of providing computers for all students is high.

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Internet connection 

Internet connection is needed for smooth running of CBT exams. But as the case may be, our rural areas still lack such connection. So how then can everybody benefit from CBT?

Like it is normally said, this world is a global village, having countries like Netherland operating some of their exams on CBT, yet they have not been able to operate CBT exams national nationwide.

Hopefully sooner or later in the nearest future, WAEC may embrace CBT.

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