These Cars Have Dominated Nigerian Roads

There are lots of cars being produced yearly, manufactures apply new innovations, designs, safety technologies in producing cars that would satisfy our demands.
Despite that, there are still a couple of cars that have dominated roads allover the word.
As a Nigerian, I see lots of cars on my street, at the park, at the state capital, every where I go.
I got puzzled when ever I see a particular car brand over and over again. Seems these cars “still have their tracks printed on the hearts of Nigerians”.

Before you read any further, kindly have a rethink.

“What car do you ride, what car does your best friend ride, what car does his or her parent ride, what car does your neighbor ride and what car does your friend’s neighbor ride?”

You may actually be surprise that they might all have a similar car brand.
As for me, I discovered that 4 of my neighbors do ride a Toyota car, while 2 of them ride a Hyundai.
In getting a positive result, I did a ‘Car Census’, on my street and on an express road.

On my street;

During a 10 minutes interval, I saw these cars
7 Toyota      
2 KIA          
2 Benz         
4 Honda    

On an Express road

6 KIA                   
4 Nissan                
19 Toyota Corolla  
10 Toyota Hilux      
19 Toyota Camry     
15 Corolla               
7 Sienna                 
8 Highlander           
3 Matrix                 
14 Honda                 
2 Range rover         
5 BMW,                 
When next you go out, try take a look. You would be surprise how dominant some cars are.

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