The Secret Behind Elon Musk’s Massive Wealth

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How to be like Elon Musk

Ever asked yourself the secret behind Elon Musk’s wealth?

 Well I think you definitely may never find out if you do not continue reading this post. 

When i started hearing about Elon, i really felt skeptical wondering how anyone can massively accelerate wealth just like he did but it’s all complicated.

The first ever thought that should come to you is a very big question that you may never answer, which is “What can you do to impact the whole world?”. 

Perhaps you have a credible answer, then hit the comment box. It is said that Majority carries the vote, so imagine when you can impress the whole world with even a discovery worth $1. 

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With an estimated global population of about 7 Billion people, this literally means you will be generating a daily sale of about 7 billion dollars and you are already shocked but it’s a real fact.

Top Secrets Of Elon Musk

Elon Musk deeply researched what the world needed most.  

He definitely looked at what he saw as the main problem facing humanity and he went about to find a quenching solution to this problem using sophisticated principles. 


Nowadays, People have it as a goal to have a lot of money but Elon Musk is so obsessed with finding solutions to problems and looks at money as a tool not a goal. 

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Anyone may say getting a degree is the key, but Elon Musk says “Universities are a waste of time unless you want a certificate to get a job”.

 According to him, “any information required to be successful is already in various books all over the internet”. 

I myself personally believe that the secret to wealth is Knowledge. Would you ever believe that Elon Musk learned everything about rocket science by only reading books? 

In many of his interviews, Elon expressed his dislike for formal education.

Having a Common Goal

Elon Musk looks at doing things differently from the way they are currently done.


 He derives great satisfaction in discovery and problem solving. 

Instead of condemning or being destructive, he finds a simple solution to lagging facilities and furthermore; 

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He likes doing things that will benefit the majority while hurting none or the least. 

Right now, I wish I could just transform to Elon Musk in a twinkle of an eye, but this may sound like a wish of smoke in the air Lol. It’s all about persistent research and hard work.

But wait !

Did Elon Musk tweet about dying under mysterious cirmcumstances ?

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