The MTN Unlimited Daily Data For 150 Naira

Talking about unlimited data, no body needs any special invitation to come aboard. There is currently an Unlimited Daily Data available on MTN, this should solve most of your downloading problems!

This offer is more preferable to the Airtel 1 hour unlimited downloading just for 180 Naira.

While launching this offer, MTN did not make any public awareness. Therefore only a few people knows this.

The MTN unlimited internet give you privilege to surf the web or download for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours is complete, it expires.

If you would like to continue the other day, you will have to dial the same code again.

NOTE: The unlimited data goes for 150 Naira only, and not all are eligible for it.

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Dial *567*59# and then reply with 1 to activate

With this, you can update all apps on your smartphone, download till your batteries give up.

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