The Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Privacy and Security in 2021, Including The New Signal Messaging App

Recently, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, endorsed Signal as the best alternative to WhatsApp. This is after WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy that is to take effect in May 2021. By agreeing to this new policy, WhatsApp users will consent to allow the app to share data with Facebook, its mother company.

There is a lot of concern around the new policy. This is because the app will access private information and send it to Facebook for marketing purposes. If you want to continue enjoying privacy and data safety, it may be time to consider alternatives to WhatsApp.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp for privacy and data security

  1. Signal Messenger

This is a new messaging app available on google play store, apple store, and the desktop version. This open-source messaging app has become highly popular thanks to its end-to-end encryption for chats and calls, the automatic disappearing messages capability, and screen security capabilities that prevent users from taking screenshots of chats. It offers everything you will find on the WhatsApp platform and much more.

  1. Threema
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This paid messaging app specializes in privacy and security, which works best for users who want to conceal their identity and location online. Instead, it used an 8-digit Threema ID that is QR code enabled when you need to share it. Threema uses end-to-end encryption for media files, status activities, and messaging and offers more than one option for chat backup.

  1. Skype

As a chat, video, and voice app, skype supports conferencing for up to 49 people in high-definition without lagging or distorting the quality of the video. It comes with features like @mentions, group chat, and a search option that uses email or username. Users can load skype credit to contact people who are not on the platform.

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Even with these alternatives to WhatsApp, there are still ways you can boost your security and privacy online:

  1. VPN

An acronym for Virtual Private Network, improves your privacy and security when online. It is especially beneficial when browsing the internet or using a messaging app on public Wi-Fi. Using a VPN app for privacy in 2021 is a no brainer. A VPN creates a secure tunnel for data exchange between your device and the sites you are visiting. This way, prying eyes are not able to track your activity or intercept your data.

  1. Tor

This is a privacy-based browser that protects your digital footprint. It is one of the best free browsers if you are looking for anonymity and privacy when surfing the internet. Tor will route your web traffic through its private network, hiding your location or activity. For the best results, turn off all plug-ins and extensions before using Tor.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere
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This browser extension forces encryption between your device and the websites you visit. This is the best choice for protecting yourself from the man-in-the-middle and data breach attacks, common with visiting unsecured websites.

With the recent WhatsApp privacy guidelines, the demand for alternatives is at an all-time high. With any of the apps above and the safety tips, you are sure to continue enjoying privacy and security while online.

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