Summer Internship in Canada 2023: What to Expect and How to Apply

I wanted to go to Canada, but I didn't know how to get in touch with the right people. Working in international relations or development might not be appealing to all of your friends and family members who still live at home and would rather be back on the farm. But maybe you want to work abroad sometimes instead of having a home base all the time. If so, you might want to do an internship in Canada. As an international relations or development intern in Canada, you have a lot of options. Each summer, you can work on something different, and since there are so many different kinds of internships, you should be ready to do a variety of jobs. Check out our list of the best internships in Canada if you want to find the right summer job in international relations or development. Once you've found one that sounds good to you, you can apply online right away and watch your future unfold.

Summer Internship in Canada 2023: What to Expect and How to Apply

You've spent much time researching exciting jobs, companies, and programs. After weeks of interviews, tasting meals with employees from different departments, and meeting with admissions officers from top universities, your internship application heart is racing. So far, the last step, sending in your paperwork, has been easy. You've filled out all the required fields and uploaded a picture of yourself. What's next? Some interns have fun sending in applications or making their first impression at the office or on campus, but others get nervous waiting for feedback on their work before moving on. There are, luckily, a few things you can do to calm your nerves and feel more ready to meet with potential employers.

Establish Your Online Presence

A significant first step is to establish yourself online. A portfolio of work samples, a LinkedIn profile, and a blog are all good to start building a portfolio of work. You can also try to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field. For example, you can create a blog about your experiences as a summer intern in the food service industry. Ask yourself, “What would my target audience think of me and my work?” If the answer is “Not much, " you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. Having a presence on social media is also helpful for establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Use all the social media platforms you use for work, and you’ll be all set.

What is a Summer Internship

A summer internship is a work-from-home program that lets you spend a month or two in an office learning about various topics while working on a project of your choosing. The program is designed to give you a taste of what life is like at a company while allowing you to try out several and work with employees in similar positions. Typically, summer internships last between eight and 36 weeks and are meant to be short-term projects. Some internships last one month or two; others take two to three months. During your unpaid internship, you’ll work on projects of your choice to learn about a company, its products, and its employees. Many companies also offer paid internships, but summer internships are free.

Build a Network of Internship Agencies in Canada

Networking is a significant part of any application process. You can build a strong network of internship agencies during your summer in Canada. Ask the international exchange office at your school if you can go on an exchange and if you're willing to pay for your travel and living costs. You could also join a professional network like Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter to meet people who are interested in the same industry or type of work as you are. Ask yourself, "Who could benefit from this in my network?" If the answer is anyone, you've already made a considerable step forward in the application process.

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Diversification of the Network

Once you’ve found an internship agency in your region, the next step is to shop around. Ask other interns from your program or agencies in your area how their experience went. Ask how they found their agency if they had any problems, and whether they would recommend them. Ensure you get a feel for their hiring process and whether they have a track record for filling jobs.

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Showcase Your Skills

You will probably be given a case study or brief to look over on your first day of work. You could show your project management and communication skills in these assignments by explaining the steps you took to make the report and what you would have done differently if you had the chance. For example, you might have made a schedule of events for a company or a plan for how long the project will take to finish. The date and time don't matter in these examples, but they show your skills.

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Help Others Oversee the Process

Once you’ve completed your case study or brief, sit down with your mentor or the hiring manager and discuss the report’s implications. Ask them how you could improve the information, such as giving details about its format, the deadline, and what the results should look like. Sometimes you’ll receive feedback on your account immediately, while other times, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with your mentor and discuss the information in depth.

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Full Job Description

Let's take a look at jobs available in Canada.

SUMMER INTERNSHIP: May 2023 (12 weeks)

Richter is Canada's most prominent business family office, recognized as one of Montreal's top employers, and always looking for exceptional talent. With offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago, our firm stands out from all other accounting firms because of the commitment and collaboration of our employees, who are critical to our success.

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A rewarding and challenging internship:

Richter's success is built on a solid foundation of good training. We're proud of the excellent reputation our training programs have helped us build over the years, which both our students and employees have echoed.

Richter has always been successful because it has hired intelligent people. People with more experience work with people who share their passion and drive. Richter invests in its people to stand out from other companies. This includes hiring Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), lawyers, management consultants, and employees who are experts in different fields.

As an intern, our big family will consider you a possible future employee. You will work with people from different teams, such as assurance, tax, and consulting. We will teach you the skills and give you the experience you need to become a successful CPA and leader.

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English is required for business reasons and to serve external and internal English-speaking customers.

The summer internship lasts twelve weeks. There are many activities planned for interns, including rotations on different teams, team-building activities, fundraisers, group presentations, and social events.

  • A career at Richter means the opportunity to:
  • to work with clients, as well as on internal and external
  • notable projects in assurance, tax, and consulting;
  • to undergo intensive training to gain confidence in your abilities;
  • Be supported both academically and financially in preparation for the CFE;
  • create direct links with clients, which promotes knowledge of various sectors of activity;
  • be assigned responsibilities that stimulate initiative;
  • Exposure to various professional services that offer a challenging career path.

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What can Richter offer you?

Our Montreal office is located in the heart of downtown Montreal on McGill College Avenue. We offer our employees the opportunity to volunteer regularly, and we organize various social events that promote team building. We encourage our team members to develop their skills, and we reimburse them for the training they receive.

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Bottom line

This is the most critical step. Apply to programs that interest you through your network, and keep in touch with the recruiters you've been talking to. Make sure they know you've been involved and would love to meet with them. Follow the same steps you took to get into college: list your interests, qualities you'd like to have, and programs you'd like to apply to. Your summer internship is essential for your future career, and you're not just going to be working there for a couple of weeks. You're getting into a fun and rewarding field, and internships can teach you much about it.