Smart Shoes That Will Keep You From Ever Getting Lost Again

It is no more a news that we are in the smartphone age, but it seems our wearable are even getting smarter by the day. We now have smart belts, smart suits, smart umbrellas and even smart shoes.

So you shouldn’t be surprise that a smart shoe has already been created and it goes by the name Sneakair.

This awesome sneakers has been completely built just for your safety with the aim of keeping you from getting lost. It has been fitted with a fitness tracker and can actually be connected with your phone in order to direct you to your destination through GPS.

Here is how it works

The Smart shoe is connected with your phone through Bluetooth. Each pair of the shoe has motors in it that makes it vibrate. Once you connect them to the GPS app on your phone and then you set your destination, you should feel a vibration either on your left feet or your right feet telling you either to take a left turn or a right turn.
Also in Sneakair, their is also another kind of vibration that lets you know if you’ve taken a wrong turn and you need to go back. It will also alert you when you’ve reached your destination.
The mind behind this sneakers is EasyJet, an airline company based in the United Kingdom. Although when the shoe was tested, it was discovered that it could only last for about 3 hours but the company has promised to add extra efforts for its sneakers to last longer
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