A Smart Candle Exists! It Glows At The Command Of Your Smartphone

In an attempt to secure those part of the world where kerosene is still used as a source of combustion, a smart candle that can be turned on and off with a smartphone app has been created by LuDela.

First Smart Candle

This awesome smart candle gives out real flames, real enough to burn you (but it is safe!)

You care to know the “secret ingredient?” 

The candle is made up of candle shell, silicone contraption, a non-toxic wick and a paraffin-free wax.
The company that produced this world’s first smart candle said that the flame is ignited by Wi-Fire technology that goes through four electric nodes. Once you use your smartphone to command the candle to go off, the fan near the wick simply puts it off. 
Good enough, the smart candle does not just glow but also comes with different scene mode that controls the fire to produce a different effect.

The application also lets users manually light and extinguish the candle or control multiple candles all at the same time.
The LuDela candle is protected with a password and in unsafe situations, it extinguishes automatically and sends an alert to your phone.
You can choose from a wide range of candle exterior, body styles and scents that won’t melt. Right now, refill price has not been revealed by the company although the batteries could last 6 months with a single charge meant to keep the smart features and Bluetooth connectivity functioning.

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Check out this video

Hopefully, in the nearest feature the company should introduce a voice control feature.
For the moment, pre-orders are ongoing at $99, check the LuDela website.
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