Sleep Better With The New Iphone Feature

This is more of a promise by the tech giant, Apple, to give you a good night rest with a new iPhone feature.
Iphone Night Shift

The new Iphone feature is called the Night Shift, being able to automatically adjust your iPhone color balance to after sunset.

The Night shift feature works on phones with geolocation and uses the phone in built clock to tell when it’s already sundown. Thus automatically changes the onscreen colours to warmer colours like orange, white, red tones and fewer blue.

The company says using such colours will make you sleep immediately, backing up its point with the fact that your circadian rhythm are affected on exposure to bright blue light in the evening, making it difficult to sleep.

The colour shifting feature was initially an idea of other developers just before Apple adopted it.
This special feature comes on iOS 9.3 alongside other features like;

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Ability to lock and unlock the note app with finger print or code as well as a modified version of the News and Health App.

Apple has also made an advanced educational offering, with a multi-user support prototype on its mobile devices. For schools using Ipads, both teachers and students can get relevant materials while logged in on any Ipad.

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