This Was How Our Forefathers Took Selfie – This Is How We Now Take Selfies

When there were no Slay Mamas, our forefathers took selfies in peace

Of course, with the way slay mamas and dapper dudes have been religiously crazy to the selfie trend, you must have been thinking this disease of a thing (selfie) started in our generation.

I bet you never knew this;

Selfies date back to the 1920 – it was actually our ancestors who started the trend that we’re now addicted to.

Due to the gigantic nature of their camera, two of the five had to hold the camera.  (hehe). So if you’re complaining that taking selfies with one hand is painful, try to imagine how much pain our forefathers felt when using both hands.

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These photos prove that even before you were born, selfies existed.

And don’t forget, they never had selfie sticks!!!!

That was in the 20’s. Welcome to the 21st Century…

There’s no day I go out with the ladies and they don’t persuade me into taking selfies.
When it’s picture time…..

Here’s our kind of selfie

Some crazy ones

And this…

One word for Selfie Lovers.

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