See How Smartphone Qualities are Merged in Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

Samsung’s Xcover 3

It has been a while since Samsung’s Xcover 3 was released. Its release and specifications was covered when the cheap but fantastic phone appeared in the markets in June.

These were the words of one of our fan
“I am so lucky to have own the Xcover 3 personally and I would like to share some of my opinions about it. The indestructible nature of the Xcover 3 led me to buying it. As a guy, like to carry several keys and coins in their pockets and never did my car key scratch the delicate screen of my smartphone that was eventually full of scratches. I sometime casually toss my phone on the desk or the bed, and in the case of the bed, it further bounces off everywhere. Still, it has been free from damage! For a clumsy person like me the Xcover 3 is just the right phone .”

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
Despite its protected screen and hardened case, the phone is actually good looking. If you are mysteriously attracted to tougher phones like the CAT models, perhaps due to your treatment of the previous ones, Here is the reason why you need an Xcover 3;

The Xcover 3 is a case where Samsung managed to merge the two best smartphone qualities in one; it is a very manly-looking and a well-equipped phone.

If you think you use your phone just as this fan does, Go grab yourself an Xcover 3 now!

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