Scratch Resistant Smartphones With Gorilla Glass

Mind blowing gorilla Glass is revolutionary hardware
 Makes smartphone displays scratch-proof.
Therefore you do not ought to pay extra money on a scratch guard to save you handset’s screen. This glass is additionally very powerful, and is chemically strong to be a lot of durable and harm resistant. 
The Corning Company owns the technology that improves the glass composition so it’s able to resist deep scratches that breaks glass. They name this ‘Native damage Resistance’ or NDR. however what lots of individuals do not know is that Gorilla gorilla glasses will be designed very skinny – as skinny as 0.4 millimeter or as thick as a pair of millimeter.
This thickness varies with the smartphone model and its demand, however the glass at any thickness is nearly unbreakable underneath traditional use conditions. And since these glasses square measure skinny, they’re ideal for touchscreen phones and phablets, as they will find pressure that’s applied by one finger’s touch.
Finally, the skinny glasses have another advantage – which is that they’re light-weight. If a phone with Gorilla  Glass is heavy, you’ll be assured that the cause is certainly not the show glass itself! the matter faced  by lots of budget smartphone users in India is that the screens break, get damaged, or that the touchscreens aren’t responsive.
Mobile phone makers like Micromax, Karbonn, and iBerry build nice smartphones that are light on the pocket, however the life span is usually questioned. If these smartphone manufacturers switch to a Gorilla  Glass, the life span of those phones would improve persistently over! Hopefully this can happen sooner, instead of later
If you value life span in a smart phone, ensure you check the display – you’ll be at an advantage with one that encompasses a Gorilla Glass. Bye bye to broken screens, damaged screens, or maybe dirty, peeling, effervescent scratch guards! Listed below within the slideshow are some of the highest smartphone picks that have this fantastic Gorilla  Glass.
Micromax Canvas 4
Google LG Nexus 4 (16GB)
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