Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Run Both Windows and Android Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 6
Samsung has layed a patent containing a Two-In-One Operating System notebook device that features a “phablet dock”, with just a little difference between smartphones and laptops.

This device will easily fit into a case built into a laptop-like gadget as seen in the leaked diagram revealed by Value Walk. Combining this technology into the Galaxy Note 6 will make the upcoming phablet the first of all smartphone-laptop hybrid in today’s technology market. It will enable users use this device either as a smartphone or a laptop.

When built into a laptop, one can use the smartphone as a touch pad. Plus, its ability to be used as a laptop’s processor and memory storage. The decision by Samsung’s to venture into this kind of technology is a great improvement.

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After all, most high-end mobile devices come out of their boxes with their very own RAM and memory processor. The laptop will simply function as a shell cover, while the smartphone will serve as the brain.

Now that the Galaxy Note 6 can function as 2 different devices, It has also been revealed that it can run on two different OS (Operating System), as well.

The Galaxy Note 6 will be powered by a 8 GB of RAM and 16-Core processor . It is expected to have a screen display of 4K, a rear primary camera of 30 megapixel and on it’s front, a 16 megapixel selfie taker. The device will run on a 4,200 mAh battery with a fast charging technology, which can charge about 40 percent in just four minutes.

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