Robot Bus Ready For Testing in Australia

The new robot bus made in french is now fully ready and will be tested in Australia as part of the plan  to use autonomous vehicles on the local roads.
The confirmed drive-less bus is made to carry a total of 15 passengers at a speed limit of 45 km per hour in Western  Australia’s state capital.

The vehicles has been made with a 3-dimensioal sensitizing technology that makes the car read road signs as well as avoid road obstacle.

Western Australia Minister of Transport, Dean Nalder said that the autonomous test will help broaden knowledge about learning.

He was quoted;

“It is a trial, and at the end of the day trials have ups and downs. There will be things that don’t work that we’ll learn from, but it’s all about learning so we’re better prepared for the future.”

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The development of self driving technology has become the latest battleground in the technology market with global automotive manufacturers snapping up software experts in the race to develop a self-driving car for the consumer market.

Many of the world’s automotive manufacturers are catching up, with suggestions they will have roadworthy autonomous cars before 2020. Mercedes, Audi and Google all have working prototypes.

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