Pre-order Begins As Sony Xperia X Compact Launches In US By September 25

Great news people of Earth, the so much glorified Sony Xperia X Compact is finally available for pre-order in the United States.
Amazon has included the device in its list and is presently allowing customers pre-order it for $450. The actual price on the list is $500 but the retailer is delivering a $50 credit at checkout.
The device will come in three friendly colour variants – White, Mist blue and Universe black.

The $50 credit is available in all three colour variants and by September 25th the device will start shipping.
It is worth mentioning that the sales of Sony Xperia X Compact have begun in the United Kingdom and a couple of other European countries

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GSMArena recently made a full review of the Sony Xperia X compact – check it out!

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