You’ve Been Working Too Much! Play This Addictive Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire Game on Google Result

Thank God it’s Friday! We are now in the long anticipated September and whether you’re a worker or not, it’s weekend, a time to have enough rest and prepare for a brand new week of ‘work’ ‘work’ ‘work’. But before that, I would like to prescribe something cool for you. A delightful addition to Google’s search result, the Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire.
Google games
Before I make any prescription, I’ll encourage you to take note of these disclaimers
1. Don’t play the game while at work! (It’s very very tempting)
2. Don’t play this game in the presence of your boss! (it could turn him/her into an addict)
Having made emphasis on these disclaimers, let me let the cat out of the bag. What makes the Tic Tac Toe so addictive?

With now doubt, you and I love fun, and from my little experience on the web, I got to observe that “fun is the root of all addiction.” Right now, additions in my life are a mystery that I as an individual am ignorant of but besides that, every individual need fun, be it games or whatsoever to either take his attention from something or get his head into one, the geeks are not left out of this.
I can still remember playing the hilarious google dinosaur game on the google chrome. Good enough, it had in time past made my day.
Having said so much, its time to test your faith, how can you play both games in Google search?. 
Depending on which of the games you would like to play, type ‘ Play Tic Tac Toe‘  or rather type ‘Play Solitaire‘ in Google search for either of them. At the top of other search results, you should see an option to play the game. In the case of the Tic Tac Toe, you can paly against your friend and also choose difficulty level between Easy and Hard.
Play tic tac toe
There is no restriction to who gets to play the game because the game is supported on most browsers and was added to both desktop and mobile versions of the search results.
Play Solitaire
It is worth mentioning that this is not the fist time for google to introduce some extra utility to its search result. For instance, if you make a search on “what sound does a lion make,” you will actually get to hear the roar of the lion without being redirected to any other site.

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