I Was At The Ongoing Tech Event In Berlin – Check Out Live Pictures of iPhone 8 Glass Protector

So, I was in Berlin the other day night.

Together with the big tech gangs witnessing the release of new phones and technology at the ongoing IFA convention.

image credit: AndroidPit

I was about to speak with the CEO of Lenovo when my dad tapped me.

Samuel, it’s time for morning devotion.

Ahrrr! I will like “Daddy Why…”

It was all a dream after all? But mehn! Me being at Berlin felt so real. Real enough to be true.

But dreams do come to pass right?

… Now, let’s all wake up

As the glorious tech convention, IFA kicks off, manufacturers have started releasing a new line of products in fashionable ways.

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For an obvious reason, the iPhone 8 is the most craved smartphone at IFA this year.

So no doubt, with all “Serenre” Apple is going to make a grand entry with its latest flagship.

But it’s kinda awkward seeing iPhone 8 accessories on display at this time; not when Apple hasn’t said a thing.

We’ve always known Apple to be secretive when it comes to their new release. (mostly with the iPhones). But here are presenters already selling the iPhone 8 accessories.

Though Apple has not unveiled the phone officially, it’s more than certain that the phone will be called iPhone 8.

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So… (I can already hear you asking)


When Will The iPhone 8 Be Unveiled & How Much Will It Cost?

Apple is going to present the next iPhone to us on September 12, 2017. (This date has been confirmed)

Tech guys from AndroidPit who are at the convention got an insight of what the iPhone 8 will look like (in terms of display).

The protective glass reveals that the iPhone 8 does not have a home button and there won’t be a Touch ID sensor on the front. This means there’s evidence of truth in that the demo we sure in the previous leaks.

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Since there’s no sign of the iPhone 8 yet, there have also been no words of how much it will cost.

…. I get the feeling that you wanna make a guess.


(Even though you’re a die-hard android fan) Give your best guess in the comments.

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