Phone Test And Torture: iPhone SE Being Hammered And Poked With Knife

Ever since the iPhone SE came out, lots of people have made it pass through horrible torture. Couple  of days ago, a video clip was shared.
The iPhone SE and iPhone 5 looks almost alike except for the body improvements on the iPhone SE.
In the video clip, the iPhone SE was immersed in water, although the producers did not make it a waterproof device. Well, they tried drowning the device, but it survived an hour of immersion in water.
A tech company, Techrax recently posted a video on YouTube, where an iPhone SE was horribly hammered and poked with a knife.
I just love watching the destruction, but i learnt something. “Consumers can carryout any phone test just to criticize or praise a product”.
The knife test was more of stabbing and poking. When poked, there was no damage on the screen but the back camera (rare camera) shattered when it was poked with little pressure.
When the device was scratched, the paint on the body peeled off to easily. (Bad specification)

The most interesting part was when it was hammered, it took over 50 hits before the Gorilla glass screen broke.  That feature is really cool!

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Here is the good news; this device can fall accidentally and might still be in good condition. But you can still use a phone case.

You can still watch the video below:

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