Pavlok: The WristBand That Shocks You When Ever You Spend Too Much Money

Every now and then we buy stuff but most of us buy too much of them. We get so deep into it, that we find it hard to stop. At this point, our self-control has gone out of the window… And at the end of the day, we start regretting every making such unwise financial decision.

Pavlok wristband

Worry no more, because technology has found a way to help you control your spending habits. With this wristband, whenever you try spending excess, you will be shocked back to consciousness.

Pavlok is a nice wristband made by Intelligent Environment, a British software company to give you an electric shock whenever you overspend. The company has made a software for banks like Bank of Ireland and HSBC banks and connects the wristband to your bank account.

When your spending limit is set and you get close to your spending limit, you will get a vibration or a text message. If you dare try to spend pass your set limit, the wristband will punish you with an electric shock of up to 340 volts of energy.

It’s actually a nice friend to have because it will help you do away with other bad characters that you have. This watch can be set so as to prevent you from eating too much, smoking, spending too much time on a website.
So if you plan spending time on this site, you better switch off the settings. If not you will get punished by the Pavlok

There is more to this, here is a short video you should watch

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