Motorola have let us down

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Huawei Takes Lead in China Smartphone Market

Huawei Technologies Co. has become the largest smartphone maker in ChinaIn the third quarter, unseating Xiaomi Corp., whose shipments declined from a year earlier, the latest data from a research company showed. Huawei’s smartphone shipments in … Read more

Apple breath taking watches

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ZTE First Smartphone Launches in Canada

The fourth-largest smartphone provider in North America ZTE, teamed up with Rogers Communications in launching tuesday smartphone ZTE axon, the very 1st premium device made available in Canada. With a show of 5.5″ IPS LCD, dual … Read more

Scratch Resistant Smartphones With Gorilla Glass

Mind blowing gorilla Glass is revolutionary hardware Makes smartphone displays scratch-proof. Therefore you do not ought to pay extra money on a scratch guard to save you handset’s screen. This glass is additionally very powerful, and is … Read more