Owning A Ferrari In Nigeria Is Not A Good Idea

To all those ladies still waiting for a Ferrari as a birthday gift. Better refuse it now and stick to the love. If not, you will make your guy go broke all in the name of maintaining the car instead of you.

The name Ferrari is a big brand in Nigeria and everybody would love to associate his/herself with the awesome ride.

Fathers, mothers, even the children would love to take a shot of it or a shot in it. While some would prefer a ride in it.
At times I begin to ask myself; how do those celebrities who own a Ferrari manage to keep up with the attention?
I latter discovered that there are only two reasons why people buy a Ferrari
1.    For show off (i.e. to cruise around town with it)
2.    For the purpose of driving it
Whether you bought a Ferrari or you plan to buy a Ferrari for any of the reasons above, you better make a rethink because it could turn around and hurt you.
In Nigeria, the cost of living is high and at this cost, an average citizen cannot afford a Ferrari.
When I said things could turn around and hurt you, I was referring to the cost of maintenance. But if you can afford a Ferrari, then the maintenance shouldn’t bother you.

Judging from the kind of roads we have in Nigeria currently, the cost of maintaining the Ferrari is not what you could get as a gift.
Some of the roads in the rural and urban settlements could damage your ride. So whether you intend cruising with it or just driving it, you will surely make use of the road.
I believe some of those celebrities who own a Ferrari already know this and that is why they take their Ferrari for outing once in a while.
The attention is not a big deal, I love the attention and I know you also love the attention people will give you when they see you in a Ferrari. I know we can all do with that.
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