MerryBet Old Mobile Site: How To Open & Use On Any Phone Or Computer

No doubt MerryBet did a great job with the new Merrybet computer version but for some reasons, Merrybet old mobile site seems to be the best option when you’re on a race against time to stake a very important game. The old mobile version is built with a simple and quick navigation to give you more flexibility.


Like everything does, Merrybet old mobile has its pros and coin. A heavy data user may prefer the new mobile site to the old mobile site while a user browsing with a low-end phone, an unstable network or probably trying to minimize data would in his own view say the Merrybet old mobile site is better.

No doubt they both serve a purpose. But, is there really any difference?

Yes, there is! 

Merrybet old mobile site is designed to pay more attention to the things that matter. Like I earlier said, its simple and quick navigation makes it flexible and lite – far litter than PC and the Smartphone and Tablet view.

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Technically, how lite and fast is Merrybet Old Mobile Site?

You’ll see that in a jiffy…

If you have a strong internet connection, web pages will be rendered very fast for you to see on your device screen. It’s so fast that you will gratefully never get a glimpse of the kind of patience Glo subscribers exercise when waiting for a webpage to load.

Since Internet speed is not the same all over the world, let’s ignore it and make use of a stand-alone tool- GoogleSpeedTest. Google Speed Test is a very reliable tool that helps check the speed of any website.

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Checking the speed of Merrybet, you’ll notice in the first image below, is fast on a mobile but slow on a desktop. But looking at the second image, Merrybet Old Mobile Site is super fast on both mobile and desktop.


Aside you learning something new today, I guess you now know why the mobile is often the best resort.


How do you open the Merrybet Old Mobile on your Smartphone, Tablet and PC?

Here are two ways to open the old merrybet mobile site.

1. From Merrybet PC view.

Supposing you’ve already opened up the merrybet pc view, you can easily swap to the old mobile or the smartphone and tablet view in a matter of seconds.

Looking at the top right of your computer screen, you should notice a navigation that shows Deposits, Payouts, Help, Check Quick Bet, Check Bet Slip, Cash, Back, Forum, Mobile. See image below.


Just click on Mobile and you’ll be prompted to change your browsing view. Simple and easy!


2. Opening it Directly

Another way to open Merrybet old mobile on your PC or phone is by opening it directly.  Simply type this URL below in the URL bar of your web browser.

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Merrybet old mobile URL >>

Entering this direct URL will take you to the old mobile without stress. You can either put this URL to memory or better still bookmark it.

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